Posted on Friday 9th July, 2021


For the first time in seven years the WRFL has claimed the Under 13A Junior Carnival Interleague Shield, after defeating both the RDFNL and EDFL on Thursday.

The SEDA College VIC WRFL team won both of their matches at Arnolds Creek Reserve to win the Shield.

The WRFL’s Under 13B team won one of their two matches. See below all the scores, goal kickers and best players from the carnival:

Under 13 WRFL/EDFL/RDFNL Interleague Carnival Results 

Under 13A

WRFL 11.13. (79) def. RDFNL 0.0. (0)

Goal Kickers: K. Byrne 3, B. King 2, A. Tippett 2, J. Pisani, L. Hicks, H. McMahon, A. Currie

Best Players: J. Djatschenko, L. Hicks, A. Tippett, L. Fisher, O. Pannozzo, D. Nuttall

WRFL 8.6. (54) def. EDFL 1.3. (9)

Goal Kickers: L. Hicks 2, W. Bird, H. Gardner-Solomon, H. Gray, B. King, J. Waghorne, M. Zahra.

Best Players: L. Hicks, J. Djatschenko, D. Nuttall, O. Panozzo, W. Bird, A. Tippett

Under 13B

EDFL 15.13. (103) def. WRFL 1.2. (8)

Goal Kickers: L. Ash

Best Players: L. Tzaros, J. Fenton, B. Foley, D. Cummins, B. Lagos, T. Ferguson

WRFL 6.8. (44) def. RDFNL 0.6 (6)

Goal Kickers: O. Adams 2, L. Ash, J. Bird, L. Caruana, A. Tintor

Best Players: L. Tzaros, M. El-Haouli, A. Smith, B. Bowler, O. Adams, D. Cummins

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