Posted on Friday 3rd May, 2019


In 2019, WRFL clubs are involved in the ‘SPIRIT of the Game’ pilot initiative.

The newly developed program is a collective responsibility scoring model that aims to address the issue of unsportsperson like behaviour by holding teams accountable through an evaluation option with rates the SPIRIT of each team.

SPIRIT is a star rating (5 stars for excellent to 1 star for poor) of each team’s SPIRIT of the Game.

For a match, each team self-evaluates their SPIRIT of the Game then they evaluate the opposing team’s SPIRIT of the Game, as will the umpires via the SPIRIT of the Game website.

What is SPIRIT?

  • How was the experience of the match?
  • How was the behaviour of the team officials and their spectators? Did they display good sportspersonship?
  • How was the behaviour of the players? Did they display good sportspersonship?
  • Did the team show respect to the umpires and other match officials?
  • Did the team feel safe at the match?

Please note, scores are not included in SPIRIT of the Game.

How to view results?

Through the SPIRIT of the Game website, there is a VIEW LADDER function which allows you to view where your team sits on the SPIRIT ladder without logging in.

The ladder works as a tool to positively promote good behaviour. Parents, players, coaches and club officials can see and promote the good SPIRIT of their team.

How can Clubs get involved?

All Clubs/Teams have received their usernames and passwords to enter their SPIRIT results after their match. If you are a Team Manager/Coach and would like to get involved please contact your Club Administrator or Junior Coordinator.

SPIRIT of the Game is able to be accessed through the WRFL website > CLUB HUB > SPIRIT OF THE GAME