Posted on Wednesday 8th April, 2020


In the wake of COVID-19 and the subsequent postponement of the WRFL’s 2020 winter season, the WRFL has prepared the following Frequently Asked Questions resource for our community.

When has the WRFL postponed its 2020 winter season until?

The WRFL has postponed its 2020 winter season until at least May 31, along with all other senior metropolitan football/netball competitions.

Can players still train in the meantime?

All club training has been suspended for the time being, and clubs & players are advised to follow the Government’s strict social distancing directives.

What is the latest that the WRFL’s 2020 winter season could commence before the league considers abandoning plans for a 2020 winter season?

The simple answer is mid-July; however, this is a difficult question to answer definitively right now. For one, there may potentially be an opportunity to extend the community football season beyond September, which would in turn allow some flexibility with start dates. Secondly, different competitions have different limitations – for example, whilst the WRFL football season typically concludes in September to allow summer cricket competitions to commence, the WRFL VU Netball competition is not subject to the same issue, and therefore could commence later and in turn finish later with minimal impediment.

What might player payments look like in season 2020?

The AFL Victoria Community Club Sustainability Program (CCSP) subcommittee is working through a state-wide approach, with updates expected shortly.

What are the immediate implications for the WRFL staff?

The WRFL remains steadfast in its desire to resume normal operation the moment that Government and the relevant health authorities deem it safe to do so. With that comes an acknowledgement that we cannot operate at the same capacity right now as we ordinarily would, and the WRFL’s full-time workforce has scaled back to a significantly reduced part-time capacity.

What further support might the WRFL Board and administration offer clubs at this time?

The WRFL administration will continue to support its clubs as best it can. This support may come in a variety of forms depending on what each club needs – it might be helping develop the club’s strategic plan, putting the final touches on a revised club budget or supporting online promotional activities. Whatever the task, the WRFL administration will be looking to support its clubs and community in any way it can through this period.

What further communication can we expect from the WRFL administration at this time?

The WRFL administration will continue to provide regular written and/or video updates to club leaders outlining further WRFL news and developments as they come to pass.