Posted on Friday 29th June, 2018


Check out all the weekend’s teams ahead of the WRFL’S E.J. Whitten Men’s Health Round.

RAMS Division 1

Altona v Deer Park


In: S. Tighe, S. Killey.

Out: L. Tanner, K. Pickard.


Caroline Springs v Albion

Caroline Springs

In: Tessari.

Out: K. Galloway.


In: J. Taylor.

Out: K. Bench.

Hoppers Crossing v St Albans

Hoppers Crossing – NO CHANGE

St Albans – NO CHANGE

Werribee Districts v Sunshine

Werribee Districts

In: A. Harkins, B. Di Sisto, H. Kilby.

Out: J. Smith, R. Harrington, B. Schibeci.

Sunshine – NO CHANGE

Wyndhamvale v Spotswood


In: B. Kolang, M. Ngong.

Out: T. Montalto, J. Montalto.


In: G. Newton, Z. Bussitill.

Out: J. Marks, D. Callard.


Division 2

Albanvale v Point Cook


In: A. Bartolo.

Out: T. Smith.

Point Cook

In: T. Furr, J. Eastwood, M. Groves.

Out: J. Bluske, N. Kim, N. Harmer.

Manor Lakes v Newport Power

Manor Lakes

In: King, Lesko, J. Di Blasi, Dettman.

Out: Yeoll, Wright, N. Di Blasi, Turner.

Newport Power

In: M. Taleb, H. Abdo, M. El Houli, D. Wojcik.

Out: R. Harb, B. Al-Kantar, M. Uweinat, B. Barakat.

North Footscray v Parkside

North Footscray

In: T. Bennett, J. Vorano.

Out: M. Sparks, M. Naci.


In: C. Meager, J. Fortune, L. McIlroy, R. O’Shea.

Out: TBA

Yarraville Seddon Eagles v West Footscray

Yarraville Seddon Eagles

In: Eason-Jones, Ford, Murray, Jacob, D. Fry.

Out: Angove, Crofton, Green, Huell, Collins, Pocilujko.


Division 3

Laverton v Braybrook


In: C. May, K. Williams, J. Collinson, J. Cullen, J. Tawahai, L. Freake.

Out: P. Boyd, D. Moten, R. Mulroy, B. Nazifovski, J. Wheeler, S. Zuzaku.


In: A. Scimone, M. Reardon.

Out: J. Shaw, R. Hutchinson.

North Sunshine v Glen Orden

North Sunshine

In: Walsh, Daniels, Maripa, Aplin, A. Alagona.

Out: Bampton Z. Bol, Guy, McKay, Dick.

Glen Orden

In: J. Dean, B. Kayler Thomson, E. Gibson, S. Rainbow.

Out: R. Beare, J. Redcliff, B. Hunter, S. Miller.

Sunshine Heights v Wyndham Suns

Sunshine Heights – NOT SUPPLIED

Wyndham Suns

In: H. Boothey, J. Stephens, A. Borg.

Out: J. Butler, T. Corbett, L. Sammut.

Tarneit v Point Cook Centrals


In: N. Halipio, A. Molivas, J. Gorman, M. Kennedy.

Out: T. Walton, B. Mifsud, J. Baird, Williams.

Point Cook Centrals

In: Crech, Huyn.

Out: Clayden, Razlog.


Victoria University Polytechnic Senior Women’s

Tarneit v Point Cook Centrals

Tarneit – Team not selected

Point Cook Centrals

In: M. King, B. Finlay, L. Meyer.

Out: J. Divers, K. Galea.

Manor Lakes v Caroline Springs

Manor Lakes

In: M. Ahumada.

Out: M. Warlond.

Caroline Springs

In: Fenech, Tarr, Sivewright.

Out: Milici, Raymundo, Ellis.


North Sunshine v Werribee Centrals

North Sunshine


Out: S. Sulaka, C. Harris, R. Bonnici, R. Bradley, E. Hitchcock, A. Doherty, A. Marriott.

Werribee Centrals

In: J. De la Rue, N. Forsyth, L. Cooper, T. Vilcins.

Out: S. Thompsonm L. Houareau, L. Jackson, A. Rudge, H. De La Rue, H. Middling.

Laverton v West Footscray


In: T. Ahora Hapuku, A. Haskell, S. Jay, A. Vanstone, M. Alves, A. Paone, S. Fifta, A. Hika.

Out: A. Angel, M. Irons, J. Catania, T. Christie, A. Chapman, S. Hartnup, I. Porter, R. Blair.