Posted on Friday 11th May, 2018


Check out all the in’s and out’s ahead of this weekend’s Round 5 Senior action as well as the team selection for the Victoria University Senior Women’s competition. Plus scroll down to watch the Weekend Preview with Peppe Cavalieri and Andrew Wilson thanks to Complete Hire Equipment.

RAMS Division 1

Albion v Deer Park


In: Ja. Thompson, J. Bettin.

Out: J. Bench, J. O’Brien.

Deer Park

In: J. Purton-Smith, R. Houlihan, S. Amarantidis.

Out: S. Byrnes, J. Kennedy, K. Testa.

Caroline Springs v Wyndhamvale

Caroline Springs

In: Bond, Aidonis.

Out: J. Caterino, S. Caterino.


In: B. Meadows, C. Morrow, J. Sherriff.

Out: A. Hamilton, M. Parker, B. Tammark.

Hoppers Crossing v Werribee Districts

Hoppers Crossing – No Change.

Werribee Districts

In: A. Harkins.

Out: B James.

St Albans v Altona

St Albans – No Change


In: M. Norton.

Out: S. Killey.

Sunshine v Spotswood


In: B. Christodolou.

Out: D. Glowacki.


In: Busittil, Kopa.

Out: Bouris, Norton.


Division 2

Albanvale v Manor Lakes


In: J. Shorthouse, J. Keifer, D. Briscoe, J. De Souza, A. Bartolo.

Out: T. Smith, J. Fastuca, J. Formosa, R. Bucktin, J. Zangari.

Manor Lakes

In: B. Green, M. Nozzolillo, M. Jubb.

Out: M. Hart, B. Jago, M. Dettman.

Newport Power v Yarraville Seddon Eagles

Newport Power

In: M. Abdou, M. Elzeine, I. Mesto, J. Russo.

Out: I. Arakji, M. Saines, M. Ferrie, Y.El Hawli.

Yarraville Seddon Eagles

In: Ford, Murray.

Out: Mathieson, Disney.

Point Cook v North Footscray

Point Cook

In: N. Weir, D. Hutcheson.

Out: K. Herbele, J. Eastwood.

North Footscray

In: S. Denby-Blake, C. Edwards, C. Vorano.

Out: K. Chaffey Jones, J. Richardson, J. Moore.

West Footscray v Parkside

West Footscray

In: M. Freeston, K. Forge, S. Celebo, Bourkey.

Out: K. Lewaithe, L. Andreatta, E. Murphy, G. Clarke.


In: D. McMahon, T. Deutschbein, I. Dramas, B. Ashman.

Out: C. Sturrock, Keelan, A. Gauci.


Division 3

Glen Orden v Braybrook

Glen Orden

In: M. Post, D. Sutcliffe, S. Parker, B. Geary.

Out: A. Driver, B. Hunter, J. Farley, J. Chamberlain, A. Clamp.


In: A. Hoang, B. Kirk, M. Tasiyan, D. O’Mara, J. Lane.

Out: J. Warwick, R. Hutchinson, A. Parker. J. Forster, J. Tran.

Point Cook Centrals v North Sunshine

Point Cook Centrals – Not Supplied.

North Sunshine

In: A. Alagona, Walsh, Z. Bampton.

Out: Tuitama, Bethune, McKay.

Sunshine Heights v Tarneit

Sunshine Heights

In: G. Kotevski, G. Moss, S. Qunqar.

Out: J. Ciarlo, J. Anglowitch, B. McCarthy.


In: Cambell.

Out: Walton.

Wyndham Suns v Laverton

Wyndham Suns

In: C. Debono, J. Foster.

Out: H. Iannacone, V. Leung.


In: P. Boyd, M. Ahumado, L. Crawley, M. Lawry, M. Grech, D. Nilsson, J. Davis, J. Davis.

Out: M. Bell, J. Clark, J. Collinson, J. Cullen, T. Long, D. Moten, S. Paone, K. Williams.


Victoria University Senior Women’s

Laverton v Manor Lakes


In: A. Southhurst, J. Catania, S. Fifita, L. Leaoseve.

Out: S. Gibbons, G. Goodland, D. Hogg Grima, R. Morris.

Manor Lakes

In: R. Rittmeyer, M. Warlond.

Out: N. Dunn, A. Wallace, K. Healy.

West Footscray v Spotswood

West Footscray

In: L. Taylor, C. Esposto, E. Duffey.

Out: L. Dick, D. Higgins, M. Brown.


In: Bentley, Maccreadie, Armour, Hackney, Fenn, Grouios, Newitt.

Out: Pizzo, How, Wilson, Khan, Murphy, Van Staden, Candzoukovski.

Point Cook Centrals v North Sunshine

Point Cook Centrals

In: G. Coles, M. Lee, S. Sighn.

Out: J. Divers.

North Sunshine – Not Supplied.

Werribee Centrals v Tarneit

Werribee Centrals

In: T. Vilcins.

Out: M. Nichols, J. De la rue, A. Rudge.

Tarneit – Team selected Friday night.