Posted on Friday 4th May, 2018


Check out all the in’s and out’s ahead of this weekend’s Round 4 Senior action. Plus scroll down to watch the Weekend Preview with Peppe Cavalieri and Andrew Wilson thanks to Complete Hire Equipment.

RAMS Division 1

Altona v Albion


In: S. Killey.

Out: L. Goetz.


In: C. McPherson.

Out: K. Upton.

Deer Park v Sunshine

Deer Park

In: S. Greenhough, P. Bower.

Out: M. Galea, T. Jones.


In: A. Afwerk, D. Glowaki.

Out: J. Linton, H. Moloney.

Hoppers Crossing v Spotswood

Hoppers Crossing

In: Clarke.

Out: Smith.

Spotswood – Team not selected

Werribee Districts v Caroline Springs

Werribee Districts

In: Harrington.

Out: Panayi.

Caroline Springs

In: Campisi, Backus.

Out: Markovski, Doering.

Wyndhamvale v St Albans


In: E. Tzagarakis.

Out: M. Gough.

St Albans – No Change


Division 2

Albanvale v Newport Power


In: K. Truscott, T. Smith, M. Plummer.

Out: J. Desousa, J. Shorthouse, J. Harvey.

Newport Power

In:  J. Dixon, K. Souki, I.  Arakji, A. Al-Kantar, D. Wojcik, B. Al-Kantar, B. Barakat.

Out: M. Abdou, M. El Houli, R. Harb, W. Taleb, M. Elzeine, A. Hawli, R. Mutch.

Manor Lakes v Parkside

Manor Lakes

In: S. Killender, M. Davis, B. Jago, W. Finlay, B. Dettmen.

Out: J. Palmer, J. Farrugia, B. Binek, M. Jubb, J. Shell.


In: C. Muratore, S. Campbell, V. Gardner.

Out: D. McMahon, J. Grundy, M. Beecham.

North Footscray v West Footscray

North Footscray

In: L. McCormack, K. Jones, J. Chircop, M. Naci.

Out: S. Denby-Blake, C. Edwards, J. Poindney, M. Sparks.

West Footscray

In: L. Andreatta, H. Bray, L. Hollingsworth, A. Messina.

Out: M. Freeston, M. Nolton, J. Richard.

Yarraville Seddon Eagles v Point Cook

Yarraville Seddon Eagles

In: Angove, Disney, D. Fry, Lienert.

Out: E. Ford, Lester, Murray, Varsamakis.

Point Cook

In: J. Eastwood, M. Poland.

Out: D. Duskovic, N. Weir.


Division 3

Laverton v Glen Orden


In: J. Clark, K. Williams, J. Collinson, J. Whiting, S. Paone.

Out: P. Boyd, M. Clarke, J. Davis, K. Smith, Z. Stephenson.

Glen Orden

In: A. Peters, D. Hinge, A. Burke, J. Farley, R. Comensoli.

Out: N. McDonald, J. Dean, W. Donaldson, S. Rainbow, D. Sutcliffe.



North Sunshine v Wyndham Suns

North Sunshine

In: Phan, Bol, A. McPherson, McKay, Kiriakidis.

Out: A. Alagona, N. Alagona, Briggs, Dick, Walsh.

Wyndham Suns

In: A. Borg, P. Tomelty, S. Gill.

Out: R. Barnwell, C. DeBono, H. Boothey.

Sunshine Heights v Point Cook Centrals

Sunshine Heights

In: G. Nar, M. Monydhot, B. McCartney, D. McKinley, N. Saliba.

Out: D. Tonkin, S. Walters, J. Booth, G. Murray, S. Qunqar.

Point Cook Centrals – NOT SUPPLIED

Tarneit v Braybrook

Tarneit – No Change


In: G. Leyland, B. Green, A. McDermot, D. May.

Out: M. Tasiyan, J. Hamilton, M. Reardon, M. Nicholls.