Posted on Friday 27th April, 2018


Check out all the in’s and out’s ahead of this weekend’s Round 3 Senior action. Plus scroll down to watch the Weekend Preview with Peppe Cavalieri and Andrew Wilson thanks to Complete Hire Equipment.

RAMS Division 1

Albion v Wyndhamvale


In: M. Serafin, Ja. Thompson, K. Upton.

Out: C. Mcpherson, J. Nelson, C. Holdsworth.


In: M. Gough, B. Meadows.

Out: T. Montalto, J. Montalto.

Caroline Springs v Hoppers Crossing

Caroline Springs

In: Doering, Kilworth.

Out: Aidonis, Jackson.

Hoppers Crossing – No change

Spotswood v Deer Park


In: N. Hamad, G. Newton.

Out: J. Marks, T. Kopa.

Deer Park

In: R. Van Reit.

Out: S. Greenhough.

St Albans v Werribee Districts

St Albans – No change

Werribee Districts

In: A. Panyai, Wilkinson.

Out: Harrington, McMillan.

Sunshine v Altona


In: H. Molony, M. Blomoley.

Out: H. Minett, D. Castellano.


In: E. Taylor.

Out: L. Tanner.


Division 2

Point Cook v Albanvale

Point Cook

In: J. Lampi.

Out: S. Sinclair.

Albanvale – No change

Newport Power v Manor Lakes

Newport Power

In:  M. Mesto, B. Mesto, A. El Hassan, W. Taleb, M.  Elzeine, A. Hawli, Z. Kadour.

Out: J.  Dixon, A. Al-Kantar, D. Wojcik, M. Abdulhamid, F. Abdou, M. Taleb, I. Mesto.

Manor Lakes: Not Supplied.

Parkside v North Footscray


In: M. Gauci, M. Beecham, C. Sturrock, Z. Mussared, A. Bazuski.

Out: J. Shaw, I. Durmas, S. Campbell. B. Ashman, B. Kelly, C. Muratore.

North Footscray

In: B. Lucas, R. Duffield.

Out: B. Montebruno, K. Chaffey-Jones.

West Footscray v Yarraville Seddon Eagles

West Footscray

In: S. Healy, A. Magnabosco, S. Kellard, G. Clark.

Out: L. Hollingsworth, P. Rigg, K. Forge, J. Bourke.

Yarraville Seddon Eagles

In:  M. Wright.

Out: M. Lienert.


Division 3

Wyndham Suns v Sunshine Heights

Wyndham Suns

In: C. Debono, T. Corbett.

Out: S Gill, C. Berry.

Sunshine Heights

In: G. Porter, L. Todevski.

Out: J. Neilson, Kyriakou.

Glen Orden v North Sunshine

In: M. Giles, J. Chamberlain, B. Hunter, H. Koutsa, J. Stoddart.

Out: R. Comensoli, S. Crea, A. Driver, M. Davis, S. Comensoli.

North Sunshine – Not Supplied

Point Cook Centrals v Tarneit

Point Cook Centrals – Not Supplied


In: J. Damjanovski, B. Bostok, Baginski, Arabit.

Out: C. Benson, A. Miriklis, N. Halipio, T. Robertson.

Braybrook v Laverton


In: J. Foster, J. Hamilton.

Out: D. May, D. Galea.


In: Z. Stephenson, N. Caldwell, R. Tyson, M. Clarke, K, Smith, P. Lee, J. Davis, D Wilson.

Out: J. Antess, J. Collinson, D. Marin, C. May, S. McCann, M. Totham, I. Vallejo, K. William.