Posted on Friday 26th April, 2019


All the teams for Round 3 of the Senior Men’s competition and Round 2 of the Victoria University Polytechnic Senior Women’s competition are in, see below the final teams ahead of the weekend.

RAMS Division 1

Caroline Springs v St Albans

Caroline Springs

In: Z. Neicho.

Out: B. Holland.

St Albans

In: A. Longo, A. Elkasovic, A. Piva.

Out: M. Mitoui, A. Asani, L. Calder.

Deer Park v Albion

Deer Park – Not Supplied


In: J. Hoskin-Elliot, D. Sloman.

Out: C. Muir, M. Serafin.

Point Cook v Sunshine

Point Cook

In: T. Caulfield, D. Duskovic, A. Grigg, M. Kip, K. Ryan.

Out: R. Butler, B. Cox, M. Harmer, M. Morrison, R. Tandy.


In: M. Blundo, S. Kostigan, N. Jarvis, Z. Cox.

Out: J. Kessigan, C. Williams, B. McInneny, C. Holdsworth.

Spotswood v Altona


In: Coleman, Haddara, Raunik.

Out: Wilson, Williams, Marks.


In: T. Szanyi.

Out: J. Dalton.


Division 2

Newport v Yarraville Seddon Eagles


In: I. Arakji, B. El Souki, R. Haddara.

Out: M. Taleb, J. Jawad, O. Alkantar.

Yarraville Seddon Eagles – Not Supplied

West Footscray v Parkside

West Footscray

In: S. Cebalo, K. Kenny-Jones, T. Bray, L. Westwick.

Out: B. Quinn, H. Hollingsworth, A. Magnabosco, M. Crook.

Parkside – No Change

Wyndhamvale v North Footscray


In: Wood, Moreland, Hamilton, Tzagarakis, Kline-Breteler.

Out: Atem, Kizan, Bisset, Forde, Goforth.

North Footscray

In: S. Martin, D. Neville, H. Rooke, H. Brown.

Out: T. Bennett, O. McCullin, C. Edwards.


Division 3

Glen Orden v Sunshine Heights

Glen Orden

In: D. Muhar, J. Nagle.

Out: M. Yates, A. Moshoudis.

Sunshine Heights

In: M. Sara, G. Moss, R. Greto.

Out: D. Farnfield, S. Houssein, J. Ciarlo.

Laverton v Wyndham Suns


In: D. Kennedy, C. May, B. Lawry, J. Bonde, G. Maroney, H. Duczek, J. Frisby.

Out: J. Clarke, R. Mulroy, D. Paull, B. Shannon, Z. Stephenson, T. Thone-Kain, K. Williams.

Wyndham Suns

In: D. Gamble, C. Harkin.

Out: C. Watkins, J. Butler.

Tarneit v North Sunshine


In: Z. Thornton, T. Robertson, L. Paio.

Out: C. Benson, D. Holman, N. Schmidt.

North Sunshine

In: W. Aplin, Q. Dao, T. Hope, D. Teuira.

Out: D. Ballard, B. Harvey, A. Ryan, S. Hughes.


VU Polytechnic Senior Women’s Competition

Braybrook v Point Cook

Braybrook – Not Supplied

Point Cook

In: G. Goodland, J. Jarrett, R. Page, S. Rametta, J. Redmond, K.Salerno, L. Salerno.

Out: Z. Elford, R. Morris

Werribee Centrals v West Footscray

Werribee Centrals – Not Supplied

West Footscray

In: M. Mauch, E. Brightling, S. Campese, J. McMahon.

Out: R. Ducret, J. Dunlop, H. Francavilla, V. Gazzola.

Laverton v Caroline Springs


In: J. Kirk, S. Hartnup, G. O’Donovan, B. Bingham, K. Lilomaiava, I. Porter.

Out: N. Cooper, L. Blyth, K. McGrath, M. Porter.

Caroline Springs – No Change

Spotswood v Yarraville Seddon Eagles

Spotswood – First Game

Yarraville Seddon Eagles – Not Supplied

Tarneit v North Sunshine

Tarneit – Not Supplied

North Sunshine

In: M. Main.

Out: T. Roach, M. Omar.