Posted on Tuesday 12th July, 2022


Lakers Gold have moved into fourth place on the Victoria University WRFL Division 1 ladder after a win over Manor Lakes Storm on Friday night.

In fifth position heading into Round 11, the Lakers are now sitting in fourth spot and in finals contention after the 28-22 victory.

The Storm lead at the main break by two goals, but it was all the Lakers thereafter.

Shooter Jessica Gunther moved from the Goal Attack position into Goal Shooter. This change proved to be a good one, with Gunter shooting 14 goals in the second half – leading the Lakers to an important win.

Vanessa Mcintosh also played brilliantly in the mid-court, while for the Storm, Jacqueline Mitrevski and Erin Keenan were among the best.

The Lakers will look to make it two-straight wins when they take on Braybrook Black on Friday night.

In other Round 11 results, Point Cook Centrals Sharks came out on top in their match with Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks 42-25.

A blistering 13-2 first quarter was the difference.

It was a great performance by the ladder-leaders, who have now won 10 of their 11 matches this season. They are two games clear of Spotswood Gold, who are in second spot.

In the final game of the Round, Spotswood Gold scored a 57-19 win over Braybrook Black.

Spotswood scored 13 goals in the first quarter, 13 in the second, 16 in the third term and in the final quarter scored 15 goals.

It was an even performance, with Zoe Parker, Naomi Parker and Kim Phillips among the standouts.

VU WRFL Round 11 Results

Division 1

Lakers Gold 28 def. Manor Lakes Storm 22

Point Cook Centrals Sharks 42 def. Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks 25

Spotswood Gold 57 def. Braybrook Black 19

Division 2

Lakers Blue 32 def. Manor Lakes Storm 2 31

North Footscray Red Devils 1 52 def. Point Cook 30

Suns Blazers 35 def. Spotswood Green 25

Division 3

Albanvale Blue 40 def. Braybrook Red 27

Manor Lakes Storm 3 32 def. Lakers White 29

Albion 24 def. Laverton Magpies 14

Division 4

Manor Lakes Storm 4 47 def. Braybrook White 43

Suns Beams 32 drew. Lakers Black 32

Sunshine Kangaroos 38 def. Glen Orden Hawks 1 20

Laverton White 33 def. North Footscray Red Devils 2 31

Division 5

Laverton Black 33 def Sunshine Heights 31

Albanvale White 35 def. Glen Orden Hawks 2 31

Lakers Grey 29 def. Point Cook Centrals Bull Sharks 21

Round 12

Division 1

6.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Sharks v Manor Lakes Storm (Court 1)

6.30pm – Spotswood Gold v Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks (Court 2)

6.30pm – Lakers Gold v Braybrook Black (Court 3)

Division 2

7.30pm – Point Cook v Lakers Blue (Court 1)

7.30pm – Spotswood Green v North Footscray Red Devils 1 (Court 2)

7.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks v Suns Blazers (Court 3)

Division 3

8.30pm – Lakers White v Braybrook Red (Court 1)

8.30pm – Laverton Magpies v Manor Lakes Storm 3 (Court 2)

8.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks v Albion (Court 3)

Division 4

6.30pm – Sunshine Kangaroos v Laverton White (Court 4)

7.30pm – Manor Lakes Storm 4 v North Footscray Red Devils 2 (Court 4)

8.30pm – Suns Beams v Braybrook White (Court 4)

9.30pm – Glen Orden Hawks 1 v Lakers Black (Court 4)

Division 5

9.30pm – Albanvale White v Laverton Black (Court 1)

9.30pm – Lakers Grey v Glen Orden Hawks 2 (Court 2)

9.30pm – Sunshine Heights v Point Cook Centrals Bull Sharks (Court 3)