Posted on Wednesday 20th June, 2018


MORE than 100 players from the Altona Juniors Football Club took part in the club’s Leadership Night earlier this month.

Players from Under-14’s and over were involved in the evening, with mixed martial artist Sam Greco the special guest.

The aim of the 90-minute session, which was sponsored by Thurwood Transport, was to encourage players to be the best versions of themselves and to not discriminate.

“We chose Sam (to be the guest speaker) because he has links to a few of our parents personally,” Altona Juniors administrator Naomi Redpath said.

“We thought he could really be an example of how you can beat the odds if you choose to. We hear of so many kids that stray from football or whatever their game is, and end up living a life they would never have chosen.

“Sam is a great example of choosing your own destiny and not leaving it to fate or chance.”

Redpath said all the players were captivated by Sam, saying he was very generous with his time, with the players asking him several questions about his upbringing.

“Many (players) were vocal about how good it was and that they really ‘heard’ what Sam was saying,” she said.

“I think they really engaged when Sam was brought to tears at one stage. It’s a good lesson for kids to know that everyone is vulnerable at some point, regardless of age, but with perseverance, good role models and support you can push through it.”