On Field

All WRFL Umpires are required to wear the WRFL Umpire Uniform when officiating matches:

  • t-shirt (short sleeve), shorts & socks for Field & Boundary Umpires
  • t-shirt (short sleeve), pants, jacket & cap for Goal Umpires

Uniforms for First Year Academy Umpires are provided at no cost, for all other umpires these costs will be deducted from your monthly umpire payments.

A long sleeve t-shirt is also available for purchase.

Off Field

Off-field polo shirts and jackets are also available for purchase.  Umpires are encouraged to wear these to and from games to maintain a professional image, this is compulsory for all Division 1 umpires.


Umpire uniforms are ordered online – please do not attend the WRFL Offices to order uniform items.  Prices are listed on the order form, however no upfront payment is required, all uniform costs will be deducted from your monthly umpire payments (with the exception of First Year Academy Umpires who receive their on-field uniform for free – see above).

Click here to order Umpire Uniforms.

A size chart for umpire uniform items is available here

Once you have placed your order you will be notified when your uniform is ready to be collected from your selected training venue.