Umpire Payments

Payments are made monthly in arrears, around the middle of the month – ie, payments for matches umpired in April will be paid around 15 May.  You will receive a pay slip via email once your payment has been processed, and payments can take up to 3 days to clear into your bank account.

To ensure your payments are not delayed please make sure your bank details are entered accurately on the registration form, and that you have submitted the ATO form Statement by Supplier – for more information on these requirements please click here

If you don’t get paid on time or you think an error has been made, please either speak to your coaches or email so this can be investigated.

Practice Match Payments

Payment for practice matches is now processed the same way as a standard match – not in cash to the umpire on the day as in the past.

The rate for payment is generally 50% (half) of what would normally be paid to that umpire for a regular match, dependent on the number of umpires requested/appointed to a match.

2023 RATES

Umpire Pay Rates 2023

Umpire Pay Rates 2023 – practice matches