Posted on Thursday 2nd August, 2018


Justin Camilleri, 32, had worked and studied his way through his 20’s and 30’s, but had never quite nailed what he wanted to do.

From stints in transport logistics and restaurant management, Justin was juggling two jobs in landscaping and hospitality when he realised he’d always had a hankering to work in a hands-on role in the outdoors.

“I really loved making things with wood – building planter boxes and light building, but I didn’t know the correct way to do things or even the names for what I was doing,” he said.

“I really needed to formalise my skills and not just be able to knock up something, but to really know the how and why of it all. I wanted to look more professional, and that meant getting formal skills to see if I could make a full-time career of what this.”

He made the decision to sign up for TIV’s Cert III in Carpentry on a Friday and started the course on the Monday.

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