Posted on Monday 2nd August, 2021


More than 1200 football and netball clubs across metro and regional Victoria will this weekend band together to support a new initiative for the TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round.

More than 400,000 Victorian football and netball players, coaches and supporters will don a new-look blue armband, to show their commitment to road safety and eliminating deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

They will also help mark the 30th year of partnership between the TAC and AFL Victoria and the continued efforts and need to share this important message.

You can learn more by visiting:

Road Safety Round will take place during restrictions, so there will be no crowds on game day. But that doesn’t mean we can’t band together.


Get involved by filming a portrait video explaining why your club is wearing the blue armband or who they’re wearing it for with #tacbandtogether.

We all have a reason for wanting safer roads. So, we would also love you to encourage others at the club to share their reason for wearing the band on social media too.


• Please be wearing the armband on your bicep.

• Include the line, “I’m wearing the band for/because…”.

• Film a portrait video on your mobile. No extra editing is required.

• Upload the video on social media using #tacbandtogether and tag @tacvictoria and @aflvictoria, and don’t forget to mention the new dates of the round (August 6-8).

• Please send a copy to at

Every video shared will go towards your local club’s application to the TAC Club Rewards Program, where clubs can earn up to $10,000 for spreading the message of road safety through the community.