Posted on Monday 26th April, 2021


Point Cook Centrals Sharks continued their winning ways in the Victoria University WRFL Division 1 Netball competition.

The Sharks sit on-top of the ladder as they only undefeated team of the competition after they defeated Braybrook Whitten by 20 goals.

Rebecca Hicks, who was the leading shooter in Division 1 in 2019, shot 42 goals in the impressive win. Caitlin Twomey also played well.

Roxanne Rarere-Kinley and Ashlee Bertocci led Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks to victory on Friday night.

The dynamic duo combined well in the 56-26 victory over North Footscray She Devils 1.

Point Cook Centrals scored more than 10 goals in each of the quarters, with the third quarter the best, shooting 17 goals.

Point Cook Blue bounced back from their Round 1 loss, defeating Manor Lakes Storm 1 by seven goals. Beyonce Palavi shot 23 goals in the victory, 10 of those goals came in the third quarter.

In the final Division 1 game, Spotswood Gold evened their ledger to 1-1, after they defeated Braybrook Hawkins 35-23.

The margin was just three goals at the half-time break, but it was a determined Spotswood team in the second half, with Tegan Murphy and Madeline Bosanko leading Spotswood to their first win of the 2021 season.

In Division 2, Manor Lakes Storm 2, Point Cook Hammerhead Sharks and Point Cook Red remain undefeated.

Manor Lakes Storm 2 scored a 24-goal win over Albion. Point Cook Centrals defeated Wyndhamvale Falcons Green 37-24 and Point Cook Red defeated North Footscray She Devils 36-16.

In the final game of Division 2, Spotswood Green held off a fast-finishing Braybrook Priest, to win 24-21 in what was a thrilling second half.

Felicia Schwarz and Georgia Brown both played well for Spotswood.

Sunshine Kangaroos’ impressive start to the Division 3 competition continued, winning their second match against North Footscray She Devils 3. Ani Naicovi shot 15 goals in their 25-16 win.

Braybrook Cowell won their first game of 2021, defeating Albanvale by four goals.

The Cobras fought gallantly for the second straight week, but ultimately fell short. Genal Thompson and Krystelle Rush was among the best players on court.

In other Division 3 matches, Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks defeated Glen Orden Westwood Hawks 51-31 and Point Cook White won 31-21 against Laverton Magpies Black.

Sunshine Heights scored their first win of the season, defeating Glen Orden First National Hawks 30-22 in Division 4.

Defenders Martha Weston and Michaelea Cheslett worked hard the entire match, with Sarah Brennan also playing well for the Dragons.

Braybrook John defeated Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold 37-12 and in the final match of the round, Manor Lakes Lightning defeated Laverton Magpies White 31-5.

VU WRFL Netball Round 3

Division 1

6.30pm – Manor Lakes Storm 1 v Braybrook Whitten

7.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks v Point Cook Blue

8.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 1 v Braybrook Hawkins

9.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Sharks v Spotswood Gold

Division 2

6.30pm – Albion v Point Cook Red

7.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 2 v Spotswood Green

8.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks v Manor Lakes Storm 2

9.30pm – Wyndhamvale Falcons Green v Braybrook Priest

Division 3

6.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 3 v Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks

7.30pm – Glen Orden Westwood Hawks v Braybrook Cowell

8.30pm – Albanvale v Point Cook White

9.30pm – Laverton Magpies Black v Sunshine Kangaroos

Division 4

6.30pm – Braybrook John v Sunshine Heights

7.30pm – Manor Lakes Lightning v Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold

8.30pm – Glen Orden First National Hawks v Laverton Magpies White