Posted on Saturday 3rd April, 2021


Point Cook Central Senior Men’s Coach Darren Findlay said the build-up to Round 1 has been different in comparison to previous years.

He said as a coaching group the decision was made to make training fun.

“COVID has taught us a lot about what is important in our lives, so we have freshened up training and made it more enjoyable for our players and in general just having more fun,” Findlay said.

“It’s been a tough year all round, so just getting back playing is something I look forward to.”

Since Findlay has been involved with the Sharks, his mantra has always been to develop the club’s junior players in the hope they will be able to stand up on the big stage.

He said the club has recruited well in the off-season but have also looked at the juniors and youngsters rising through the ranks.

“We will continue on our path of developing our juniors which we have done successfully over the past four to five years so the growth and development in the team has improved,” Findlay said.

Point Cook Centrals will take on Glen Orden in Round 1 of the 2021 Prestige Group Real Estate Division 2 competition.

Senior Women’s coach Leanne Meyer said the club has had to do some rebuilding of the Senior Women’s team since the group last played in 2019.

“With lots of fresh faces, personalities and individual strengths, in 2021, our aim is to bring positive vibes and 100% commitment to each and every game,” she said.

Meyer said there is an air of excitement and enthusiasm around the club as the countdown to Round 1 intensifies.

“Having anyone not move their bodies for a full 12-18 months has been tough to manage, both physically and mentally,” she said.

“Attendance at training and practice matches have never been more important (this pre-season).”

The Sharks will take on Spotswood in Round 1 of the Victoria University Polytechnic Senior Women’s season.