Posted on Wednesday 30th June, 2021


How Prestige may be able to assist you:

Market Leading Interest Rates:

Interest Rates are at a well-documented record low and the sentiment is that they will remain this way for some time.

While it is true that not all lenders have passed on all interest rates to the consumer during the course of time, Prestige is able to obtain interest rates as low as 1.84%p.a. (fixed).

These rates could only have been dreamed about not too long ago so now is a perfect time to consolidate and restructure debt.

Turnaround Times:

One of the pitfalls of having so many offers available from lenders by way of low interest rates, cash back offers for refinancing and huge Government incentives for first home buyers to enter the market is the fact that lenders are being stretched to capacity.

It is not uncommon for some lenders to have wait time of up to 6 weeks before a file is even picked up to be assessed.

Prestige have access to assessments being looked at within 4 business days (subject to change) – In today’s market, this can be the difference in some cases of a deal proceeding or otherwise.

Niche Products:

A highly popular product Prestige have been providing is a Cash Out loan for up to 80% of the property value for business purposes. Interest rates start as low as 2.19%p.a*. for this product).

Car Finance:

With tumbling home loan rates over the last few years, so too have car loan interest rates dropped.

Prestige are able to obtain interest rates as low as 2.99%p.a.  – Rates that would’ve been very attractive home not too long ago.

Prestige are ready and available to take any enquiries you may have with the aim of turning your enquiry into a potential solution within 24 business hours (subject to the appropriate information being provided at enquiry stage).

Please contact Prestige if you would like to discuss any scenarios with one of their highly qualified finance consultants.

And remember to mention your association with the WRFL which will result in an incentive being paid to your WRFL club of choice if new business is written.