Posted on Monday 22nd May, 2023


Parkside proved their premiership chops over the weekend when they took yet another win in the Division 2 competition.

The current top of the ladder team took the win against Sunshine in a thrilling Round 6 match, knocking Sunshine out of the top four.

After a close first quarter it could have been anyone’s game, with Parkside leading by just one point. However, Parkside proved to be too strong for Sunshine this time, scoring 19-points to Sunshine’s one in the second quarter.

Although Sunshine fought hard for a victory, they weren’t able to keep up with Parkside, scoring four goals in the second half to Parkside’s eight.

Parkside’s Darcy Kennedy had an excellent game for his side, not only scoring a goal but also scoring himself the title of best on field for his side.

Over at Hansen Reserve, North Footscray’s home field advantage wasn’t enough to stop Newport from taking out the victory.

Newport triumphed over the Devils in a 5.12(42) to 16.14(110) win on Saturday, keeping themselves planted in the number three spot on the ladder.

North Footscray had a brilliant comeback in the second half, coming back to the field with something to prove and more than tripling their score. However, after an unsuccessful first half it wasn’t enough to keep them in the game.

Newport had six goal-scorers for their side, with Youssef El Hawli securing the team six goals. Samuel Kater and Mathew Serafin scored four of North Footscray’s five goals between themselves.

Wyndhamvale have defeated Braybrook, earning themselves a position in the top four of the ladder.

Braybrook went down in a 14.11(95) to 1.6(12) defeat after a low-scoring first three quarters. However, Braybrook came back in the fourth quarter to quadruple their score, with player Luke Zammit scoring the team a goal.

Wyndhamvale had seven individual goal scorers, with their lead scorer Nathan Griffiths getting the team four and also securing himself the position of best on ground for Wyndhamvale.

Braybrook will have a bye next week as Albion and Parkside battle it out in what could be a fight for the number one spot on the ladder.