Posted on Tuesday 16th May, 2023


Round 3 Match Report

Division 1

Lakers 1 and Braybrook Whitten have landed themselves the first draw of the season both leaving the court with 21 goals.

Braybrook were in the lead at the end of every quarter but the Lakers were determined to get the win in the fourth.

Olivia Craske for Lakers scored 14 of their goals, contributing greatly to their comeback. Additionally, Ashlee Bertocci was Braybrook’s lead goal-scorer with 13.

Spotswood Gold took the win over Yarraville Seddon Eagles in a close 32 to 27 match.

Yarraville fought hard to stay in the game, coming back within a three-goal margin after being down by ten points at the end of the third quarter.

Spotswood players Naomi Parker and Kimberly Philipps scored over 15 goals each, with Philipps earning herself the Women in Sport Round best on court medal.

PCCSC Bull Sharks have handed Manor Lakes Storm 1 a thumping defeat in a 62 to 14 victory.

The Bull Sharks came out strong in the first quarter, managing to keep the strength up through every quarter. Manor Lakes fought hard in the second half to close the margin, but the Sharks’ lead proved too strong.

Rebecca Hicks for the Bull Sharks scored an astounding 40 goals in just three quarters, setting a tough record to beat for this season.

Division 2

Albanvale Cobras have taken the win in a thrilling 30-28 match against PCCSC Hammerhead Sharks.

Albanvale maintained a small lead throughout the match, but the Hammerhead Sharks were hot on their heels the whole time.

Jessie Patterson scored 19 of the Sharks 28 goals, with opponent Vanessa Mokdissi scoring 14 for Albanvale and securing herself the best on court medallion for Round 3.

PCCSC Tiger Sharks took out the win in what was another close match against North Footscray Red.

The Tiger Sharks maintained a steady lead throughout the match, with a 6-point gap at three quarter time. However, North Footscray were clearly hungry for the win, outperforming the Sharks in the final quarter, losing by only one point in the end (32-33).

Alexandra Macdonald came through for North Footscray with a stellar performance, scoring 25 of their 32 goals. Emily Parsons was PCCSC’s leading goal-scorer with 18 points to her name for Round 3.

Lakers 2 were victorious over Braybrook Hawkins in a 34-16 win.

Braybrook fought gallantly but on this occasion were outperformed by the Lakers.

Lakers’ Chloe Kropman was named the Women in Sport Round best on court for this match.

Spotswood Green claimed the victory over Manor Lakes Storm 2 in an eleven-point win.

Caitlin Phillips from Spotswood had a brilliant game, securing herself the Women in Sport best on court medal.

Division 3

In yet another close match, Braybrook Priest have defeated Lakers 3 by just one point (21-22).

With the scores all tied up at three quarter time, Braybrook managed to pull ahead in the final minutes of the match to pull off a stunning victory.

Christina Afoa and Cassandra Pell for Braybrook together scored the majority of the team’s goals. Lakers 3 player Brianna Barrie had a great game in goal defence, earning herself the women in sport best on court medal.

Spotswood Black have taken the win against Manor Lakes Storm 3, nearly doubling their opponents scores (45-26).

Manor Lakes fought hard to stay in the game, but Spotswood proved too strong, taking a six point lead at half time to a 19-point win.

Holly Flynn for Spotswood scored 34 of her teams 45 goals in this match. Her teammate Mia Elkington also had a fantastic game, gaining herself the medal for best on court.

Albion Cats White defeated PCCSC Great White Sharks in a thrilling 30 to 24 match.

Albion made a spectacular comeback in the final quarter of the match, coming from ten points behind to score 22 goals and win themselves the match.

Albion’s Kaylah Blain and Bianca Bonanzinga shared the goals between themselves to help bring Albion back in the game.

PCCSC Megalodon Sharks beat out Laverton Magpies in a 20 to 33 victory.

Laverton only trailed by 7 points going into the final quarter, but after a massive performance from the Sharks, their hopes of a round 3 win slipped through their fingers.

Janine Long for the Sharks scored 21 of their goals, earning herself the women in sport round medallion. Laverton had 7 goal scorers on their team, all working hard to keep the points coming on the scoreboard.

Division 4

Manor Lakes Storm 4 took the win against Albion Cats Blue in a thrilling 11-point win.

The scores were all tied up going into the second half, but Manor Lakes proved too powerful for Albion as they smashed out 20 goals to Albion’s 9.

Manor Lakes had four goal-scorers for their team in round 3, with an amazing performance from Blanche Thompson that earned her the title of best on court.

Melanie Samardzija from Albion scored 15 of her sides 21 goals.

Sunshine Kangaroos handed Lakers 4 the defeat in a 36-19 victory.

Both teams fought hard throughout the match, however Sunshine remained consistent in their lead each quarter.

Allanah Coward scored 24 goals of Sunshine’s goals, once again proving just how strong her goal-scoring abilities are.

The Suns have come out triumphant in their clash with North Footscray White, defeating the side by 27 points.

North Footscray put up a fight, but it wasn’t enough as the Suns consistently scored over ten goals every quarter.

Tyler Stevens was named best on court for this match after scoring 25 goals for the Suns and helping to cement their win. Additionally, Alanna Bonney was the lead goal-scorer for North Footscray with 12.

Albanvale Blue were victorious in their match against PCCSC Reef Sharks in a 16-point win.

The Sharks came back hard in the fourth quarter after a disappointing start to the game, scoring 9 goals to Albanvale’s 4. However, it wasn’t enough to close the 21-point margin the Cobras had set up by the end of the third quarter.

Bridgette Clark was awarded the best on court medal after a stunning performance for her team whilst Tanaya Cunningham scored 12 goals for the Reef Sharks, taking out her team’s lead goal-scoring position for round 3.

Division 5

Lakers 5 secured themselves a tight 17 to 19 victory over Braybrook Cowell/John after a close match.

The game remained close throughout each quarter, with Braybrook in the lead heading into the final quarter.

The Lakers pulled off the win thanks in large part to 16 goals from the matches best on court, Casey Grenfell.  Braybrook’s Ashlea Clark was her team’s top scorer with 12.

Glen Orden Gold stunned Manor Lakes Storm 5 with a 35 to 11 defeat.

Manor Lakes put up a strong fight, but it proved to be no match for Glen Orden.

Jaimee Johnson (Glen Orden) and Cody Sylvester (Manor Lakes) were the lead goal scorers for their respective teams in Round 3.

Glen Orden Blue were also victorious in their match-up against PCCSC Nurse Sharks with a stunning 42 to 12 win.

The Nurse Sharks remained strong throughout the game but were not able to get on top of Glen Orden’s strong lead.

The Women in Sport Round best on court medallion went to Glen Orden’s Kilani Brophy after a stellar performance in goal defence.

Laverton Black took a 9-point win against Point Cook in what was a thrilling a match.

Point Cook came into the fourth quarter with a strong effort, almost doubling their own score. However, it wasn’t enough to close the gap Laverton had set in the first half of the game.

Laverton’s Makayla Lee had a spectacular game, scoring 21 of her teams goals and earning herself the best on court medal.

Division 6

Lakers 6 took out the win in their match against Albanvale White in a spectacular 17 to 20 victory.

The scores were tied at half time with 9 goals for each team, however Lakers proved too strong for Albanvale in the final quarter.

Maegan Howden for Albanvale was a key asset to her team, being awarded the medal for best on court after a great performance.

North Sunshine Roadrunners triumphed over Glen Orden Brown in a stunning 16-point win.

Glen Orden led at the end of every quarter, but North Sunshine were hungry for the win, making a come back in the final quarter and scoring 23 goals to Glen Orden’s five.

Angel and Ashley Nasalio, along with teammate Andrea Bernardes each scored over 17 goals for North Sunshine.

PCCSC Mako Sharks beat Laverton White in a brilliant 5-point win.

Laverton were in the lead at the end of each quarter, but the Sharks came back with a strong fourth quarter, scoring 9 goals to Laverton’s 2.

Rachel Bryan was named best on court after a thrilling match for PCCSC and her teammate Puga Deng was the top scorer of the game with 19 goals.