Posted on Tuesday 30th May, 2023




Spotswood Gold have defeated Lakers 1 in a massive 52 to 22 victory in Round 5.

Although the Lakers were determined throughout the game, Spotswood dominated the court for all four quarters, consistently building on their lead at the end of each quarter.

Kimberly Phillips was the lead scorer for the game, bringing in 33 points for Spotswood.

PCCSC Bull Sharks have kept up their winning streak, remaining undefeated after coming out on top against Yarraville Seddon Eagles in a 24 to 45 victory.

The first half of the game remained close, with the Sharks in the lead by just four goals at the close of the second quarter. However, they came out hungry in the second half, scoring 26 goals to Yarraville’s nine.

It was no surprise as Rebecca Hicks slotted 40 goals for her team, cementing herself once again as the women to beat in Division 1.

Braybrook Whitten held on to their position in the top four this week after beating out Manor Lakes Storm 1 27 to 50.

Manor Lakes were consistent on the ball throughout the game, however it was no match for Braybrook as they attacked hard each quarter, with a twenty point lead going into the fourth.

Braybrook Whitten star Paige Gilcrist had a most strong performance in Round 5, scoring 40 of her teams 50 goals.


Manor Lakes Storm 2 took the win in a close 36 to 31 match against North Footscray Red in Division 2.

North Footcray kept up the fight at each quarter to close the margin between the two teams, with the Devils outscoring Manor Lakes in the third quarter. However, it wasn’t enough to close the gap Manor Lakes set at the close of the second.

Christina Falva (Manor Lakes) and Kira Bennett (North Footscray) were their teams’ lead scorers with 20 for Manor Lakes and 17 for the Devils.

Braybrook Hawkins took down Albanvale Cobras in a 37 to 20 victory to further cement themselves as second on the ladder.

Albanvale played strong throughout the game, however Braybrook consistently outscored them at every turn, growing their margin by the close of each quarter.

Tiarnah Lloyd led the charge as lead scorer for the game with 18 goals for Braybrook.

Lakers 2 remain undefeated after coming away with the win in Round 5 against Spotswood Green.

The game was intensely close throughout the first three quarters, with 20 goals each at half time. The Lakers hit the lead by three points going into the fourth and then dominated in the final quarter of the match, scoring 17 goals to Spotswood’s two.

Jamie Ritchie held her own in attack, scoring 28 of the Lakers 37 goals.

PCCSC Hammerhead Sharks were the champions against one of their own, PCCSC Tiger Sharks in a thrilling Point Cook Centrals match up.

The Hammerhead Sharks came out on top by just one point in a 26 to 25 victory. The Tiger Sharks had the lead by at least one point at the close of every quarter, however it was the Hammerheads who dominated the court in the final quarter, coming from behind to take the win in the final minutes of the game.

The Tiger Sharks’ Emily Parsons and Hammerhead’s Melissa McVay were their teams’ lead scorers with 14 and 16 apiece.


Spotswood Black have claimed the victory over the Suns in a brilliant 27 to 17 win.

The Suns fought hard for the win, even outscoring Spotswood in the final quarter of the match, however it wasn’t enough to close the gap between the teams.

Holly Flynn led the goal scorers for Spotswood with eleven goals, teammates Bianca Gowans and Alannah Clifford not far behind with nine and seven apiece.

Lakers 3 have won the battle for a spot in the top four against PCCSC Megalodon Sharks in a thrilling one-point win.

The Sharks had the lead at the end of each quarter, with a three-point margin going into the fourth. However, it was the Lakers who proved hungrier for the win, outscoring the Sharks seven goals to three to take the win in the final minutes of the game.

Sienna Smith was the Lakers’ lead scorer, with 11 goals for her side. Janine Long for the Sharks had another great game with ten goals.

Braybrook Priest have kept their clean sheet with a 30 to 18 victory against Manor Lakes Storm 3.

Manor Lakes played hard throughout each quarter however it just wasn’t enough against Braybrook, who proved too strong at every turn.

Samra Watters (Manor Lakes) and Christina Afoa (Braybrook) were their teams’ lead goal scorers for the game with thirteen and twenty goals apiece.

Albion Cats White have come away with the win in Round 5 against Laverton Magpies in a 30 to 20 win.

The game was close throughout, however Albion were able to build on their lead each quarter, consistently out scoring Laverton.

Miriam Robson scored eighteen goals for Laverton, with her Albion counterpart Kaylah Blain securing nineteen for her side.


Sunshine Kangaroos defeated Albion Cats Blue in a thrilling 32 to 25 victory.

Albion Cats were in it for the win in the first half, only down four points at the close of the second quarter. However, the Kangaroos were the dominant team in the second half, scoring sixteen goals to Albion’s thirteen and commanding the court.

Allanah Coward had a great game up front for Sunshine, securing 27 goals for her team as lead scorer of the game.

Glen Orden Blue have taken the win against North Sunshine Roadrunners in a close 35 to 31 victory.

The game was a close one, with Glen Orden leading at the close of each quarter. North Sunshine fought hard to get the win, coming up short by just four points in the fourth quarter.

The usual suspects Zoe Piccolo (Glen Orden) and Carolyn Papalii (North Sunshine) were their teams’ lead scorers with 20 and 19 goals respectively.

Lakers 4 came out with a win in Round 5 against Albanvale Blue in a stunning 23 to 21 victory.

Albanvale had the lead by seven points going into the second half, but Lakers brought the margin down to just two points by the end of the third quarter. In the final minutes of the game, the Lakers pulled off a comeback to win by two points.

Caitlin Wehl for the Lakers was the game’s lead goal scorer, with fifteen points for her team.


Glen Orden Gold have secured another win under their belt with a 3 to 24 victory over Point Cook.

A dominating second quarter is to thank for their win, after they scored eleven goals to Point Cook’s two. Point Cook fought hard to close the margin in the second half, but Glen Orden proved too good in the end.

It was Jaimee Johnson once again leading the goal scoring charge for Glen Orden with 23 goals for her side.

Lakers 5 secured a hard fought 27 to 24 victory over PCCSC Reef Sharks.

The game was anyone’s to take, with the Sharks up by just one point going into the fourth quarter, a lead they couldn’t hang on to as the Lakers came out charging in the final minutes to out score PCCSC eight goals to four.

Ashleigh Johnstone was the game’s lead goal scorer, securing fourteen points for Lakers 5.

Laverton Black have taken out Glen Orden Brown in a thrilling one-point victory.

Laverton had the lead by seven points going into the final quarter with Glen Orden making a thrilling comeback in the fourth to lose by just one point. Glen Orden outscored Laverton in the final minutes of the game eleven points to five.

Makayla Lee was the lead scorer for the game, scoring 23 points for Laverton. Shaikaya North wasn’t far behind, scoring 20 goals for Glen Orden Brown.

North Footscray White have taken out a spectacular 30 to 28 win against Braybrook Cowell/John in Division 5.

The game was anyone’s to take, with Braybrook up by five points going into the second half. However, North Footscray pulled off a brilliant come back, leading the game by one point at the close of the third quarter. A lead they not only maintained but built on in the fourth, outscoring Braybrook ten goals to nine.

Kira Bennett was the lead scorer of the game, pulling in 22 goals for the Devils.


PCCSC Mako Sharks took a big 29 to 13 win in Division 6 against Albanvale White.

Albanvale fought hard to stay in the game, however PCCSC proved too strong, outscoring the side at every turn.

Puga Deng was once again the lead goal scorer for the game, securing 25 goals for the Sharks.

Lakers 6 have defeated Manor Lakes Storm 5 in a spectacular one-point win.

Manor Lakes did well to close the eight-point margin the Lakers set up for themselves in the first half, bringing the game down to just one point in the end. Despite outscoring the Lakers fourteen goals to seven in the second half, they fell just short of the win.

Cody Sylvester for Manor Lakes was the lead goal-scorer of the game, securing her team 13 points.