Posted on Tuesday 9th May, 2023



Spotswood Gold have defeated Manor Lakes Storm 1 (37-21).

Jessica Christie (Manor Lakes) and Kimberly Philipps (Spotswood) were the lead goal scorers for their respective teams. Kimberly secured 21 goals and Jessica scored 14.

PCCSC Bull Sharks took down Braybrook Whitten (33-27).

Rebecca Hicks had another great game this week, scoring 31 of her teams 33 goals. Additionally, Paige Gilcrist scored 11 for Braybrook Whitten.

Yarraville Seddon Eagles were triumphant over Lakers 1 (39-30).

Lauren Creed (Yarraville) scored 23 of her teams goals, whilst Maryrose Vitale scored 19 of the Lakers goals.

Honourable mentions to Olivia Craske for Lakers and Isobel Robertson for Yarraville who each scored over 10 goals for their teams.


Braybrook Hawkins earned themselves a 10-point victory over Manor Lakes Storm 2 (31-21).

Tiarnah Lloyd was the lead scorer for Braybrook with 23 goals and Caitlin Kennedy scored 14 of Manor Lakes’ 21.

PCCSC Hammerhead Sharks won a close match against Spotswood Green (24-19).

Jessie Patterson led the charge for the Hammerhead Sharks scoring 14 goals, with her teammate Julie Culliver not far behind with 10. Alyce Daniels played an excellent game for Spotswood Green.

PCCSC Tiger Sharks prevailed against Albanvale Cobras in a thrilling 1-point win (27-26).

Kimberley Genge scored 16 goals for the Tiger Sharks with her teammate Jade Pruscino also securing the team 11.

Albanvale Cobras players Vanessa Mokdissi and Tamika Taylor both scored over ten goals for their team.

Lakers 2 also secured themselves a tight victory against North Footscray Red (35-34).

Willow Holden (Lakers) and Alexandra Macdonald (North Footscray) both scored 13 goals each for their respective teams.

Kirby Smith scored 21 goals for North Footscray, with Jamie Ritchie returning that one extra with 22 goals for the Lakers.


Laverton Magpies secured the win over Lakers 3 (33-20).

Taniko Ranclaud-Graham (Laverton) and Courtney Pretty (Lakers) were their teams’ lead goal scorers with 13 goals each.

Spotswood Black beat out PCCSC Great White Sharks for the victory (32-25).

Emma Slattery (Great White Sharks) and Holly Flynn (Spotswood) each secured 14 goals for their respective teams. Bianca Gowans also scored 11 of Spotswood’s goals.

Braybrook Priest took the victory in their clash with Manor Lakes Storm 3 (24-18).

Rata Hunia was the lead goal scorer for Manor Lakes with 14 goals with Cassandra Pell from Braybrook not far behind with 12 goals for her side.


Manor Lakes Storm 4 have prevailed over the Sunshine Kangaroos in a close match (23-19).

Allanah Coward was top scorer for Sunshine with a massive 17 goals. Sarah Rowlands and teammate Dana Hanmer helped secure the win for Manor Lakes, each scoring over ten goals.

The Suns have had a big win over Albanvale Blue (35-12).

Albanvale put up a good fight against The Suns, with Ayuen Manyang scoring 9 of her teams 12 goals. Suns player Tyler Stevens was the games top scorer with 22 goals.

Lakers 4 secured a 10-point win against North Footscray White (32-22).

Natasa Herbst scored 12 goals for North Footscray, with her teammate Jacinta Evans securing 7 for the team. Bronwyn Coffey was the top scorer of the game with 22 goals for the Lakers.


Braybrook Cowell/John took the win against Manor Lakes Storm 5 (27-20).

Cody Sylvester (Manor Lakes) and Ashlea Clark (Braybrook) were each their respective teams lead goal scorers, Cody with 11 and Ashlea with 12.

Glen Orden Gold were victorious in their match-up against PCCSC Nurse Sharks (23-15).

Tara Moore and Nicole Craig both shared a large percentage of the goals for the Nurse Sharks. Jaimee Johnson for Glen Orden Gold was the top scorer of the game with 17 goals.

Glen Orden Blue also took out the victory in their clash against Point Cook (44-12).

Emily Perigo scored 9 goals for Point Cook, cementing herself as lead goal scorer for her team. Zoe Piccolo scored 21 of Glen Orden Blue’s 44 goals, finishing the game as its top scorer.

Laverton Black were triumphant against Lakers 5 (39-25).

Felicia-Anne Ferguson (Laverton) and Megan Haber (Lakers) each scored 17 goals for their teams. Makayla Lee was the top scorer however, with 22.


North Sunshine Roadrunners have beat out PCCSC Mako Sharks for the win (34-13).

Angel Nasalio and Carolyn Papalii helped secure their team the victory, each scoring over 10 goals. Puga Deng was the lead goal scorer for the Mako Sharks, scoring 8 goals for her side.

Laverton White took the win in their match against Albanvale White (23-15).

Abijok Dhuol (Albanvale) and Sophie Tauri (Laverton) were their teams’ lead goal scorers, Abijok with 8 and Sophie with 13.

Glen Orden Brown handed Lakers 6 the defeat in their clash (28-9).

Emma Palmer and Terereaute Kiriwera shared the goals between them for Lakers and Glen Orden Brown player Mikaella Nelson was the games top scorer with 14 goals.