Posted on Tuesday 6th June, 2023




Braybrook Whitten have secured the win over Yarraville Seddon eagles in a brilliant 26 to 35 victory.

The game was close at every turn, with Yarraville only down four points heading into the final quarter, however Braybrook proved too strong outscoring the eagles eleven goals to six.

Akira McCormack (Braybrook) and Isobel Robertson (Yarraville) were the lead scorers for their teams with nineteen and fifteen goals.

Spotswood Gold defeated PCCSC Bull Sharks in a thrilling one-point win (36-37).

The Bull Sharks lead at the close of each quarter with a two-point lead going into the final quarter, Spotswood managed to take the win in the final moments of the game, outscoring the Sharks eleven goals to eight.

The Sharks’ Rebecca Hicks was once again the lead scorer for the division, securing 27 goals for her side, with Spotswood player Kimberley Philipps hot on her tail with 26.

Lakers 1 have taken the win in their Round 6 clash against Manor Lakes Storm 1 in an exciting 41 to 36 victory.

The game was close throughout, with Lakers only leading by two-points at three quarter time. However, after a dominant final push the team outscored Manor Lakes twelve goals to nine.

Jessica Christie scored 22 goals for Manor Lakes, making her the highest scorer of the game with Lakers player Willow Holden not far behind securing 21 for her team.



PCCSC Tiger Sharks have secured a big 30 to 12 victory over Manor Lakes Storm 2 in Division 2.

Manor Lakes fought hard at every turn, however they were outscored each quarter and unable to gain the advantage.

Jenna Goricanec was the lead goal scorer for the game, securing eighteen goals for PCCSC Tiger Sharks.

Albanvale Cobras have come out on top in a thrilling 28 to 22 victory over Spotswood Green.

The game was relatively close throughout, with Spotswood outscoring Albanvale in the second quarter, however the Cobras proved too strong at every other turn.

Tamika Taylor for Albanvale was the lead goal-scorer of the game, slotting seventeen goals for her team.

Lakers 2 have defeated PCCSC Hammerhead Sharks in a massive 42 to 31 game.

The Sharks fought hard each quarter, but the Lakers proved too strong, outscoring them at every turn.

Jamie Ritchie put herself at the top of the entire divisions leaderboard for Round 6 after scoring 32 goals for Lakers 2, an incredible performance that helped solidify her team’s big win.



Spotswood Black have taken down Manor Lakes Storm 3 in a massive 20-point victory (44-24).

Although Manor Lakes fought hard, Spotswood dominated the game at every moment, outscoring Manor Lakes sixteen to one in the first quarter.

Jessica Christie had another great game up front, scoring sixteen of Manor Lakes’ goals. Allanah Clifford paved the way for her team with eighteen of Spotswood’s 44 goals.

Laverton Magpies defeated The Suns in a big 22 to 30 Division 3 game.

The Suns remained in the game through each quarter, never allowing the margin to grow too big. However, Laverton proved too strong as they outscored the Suns thirteen goals to seven in the second half.

Danielle Pompey proved herself as a valuable asset for Laverton, scoring 23 of the teams’ goals.

PCCSC Great White Sharks came out on top in the battle for Point Cook when they defeated PCCSC Megalodon Sharks 27 to 24.

The game was anyone’s to win throughout with the Megalodon Sharks up by two-points at half time. However, it was the Great White Sharks who came out on top after a dominating second half.

Hayley Kirby (Megalodon Sharks) and Aimee James (Tiger Sharks) were the lead scorers for their teams with 21 and 19 goals.

Braybrook Priest beat out Albion Cats White in a close 33 to 35 victory.

Braybrook were down by three points going into the final quarter and outscored Albion eight goals to three in the fourth to come back and win the match.

Cassandra Pell had another stellar game for Braybrook, scoring twenty of the teams’ goals.



North Sunshine ran away with the win against Manor Lakes Storm 4 after a triumphant 36 to 24 victory.

The game was close at the close of each quarter, with Manor Lakes trailing by just four goals going into the final quarter. However, North Sunshine proved hungrier for the win, outscoring Manor Lakes eleven goals to three in the fourth.

Carolyn Papalii was the lead scorer for the game with 21 goals for the Roadrunners, meanwhile Manor Lakes player Sarah Rowlands was close behind with 20 goals for her team.

Glen Orden Blue took the win in their match against Albion Cats Blue after a massive 20-point victory (35-15).

Kilani Brophy was the lead scorer for the game with 15 goals for Glen Orden.

Albanvale Blue defeated Sunshine Kangaroos in a thrilling 21 to 29 victory.

Albanvale had the lead at the close of each quarter, with player Ayuen Manyang being the lead scorer for the game with 21 goals for her team.



Point Cook were triumphant against Lakers 5 in a stunning 29 to 20 victory.

Isabella Te Paa was the lead scorer of the game, slotting eighteen goals for Point Cook. Lakers player Megan Haber scored the most goals for her team with fifteen.

Laverton Black defeated Glen Orden Gold in a thrilling 19 to 27 victory.

Glen Orden fought hard and stayed in the game right up until the final quarter, however Laverton proved too strong this round, outscoring Glen Orden six goals to four in the final moments.

Makayla Lee once again found herself as the games lead scorer, with sixteen goals for Laverton.

Glen Orden Brown secured the victory against PCCSC Nurse Sharks in a spectacular 31 to 17 win.

The Nurse Sharks fought hard to stay in the game, however Glen Orden once again proved too strong for their opposition.

Mikaella Nelson had a brilliant game, topping the scoreboard with 17 goals for Glen Orden.

PCCSC Reef Sharks have taken the win over North Footscray White in a thrilling 34 to 29 match.

The game remained close throughout, with North Footscray only down four points going into the final quarter. However, the Sharks proved just too strong, outscoring North Footscray eight points to seven in a close fourth quarter.

Erin Colson and Joanne James were the top scorers for PCCSC Reef Sharks bagging 18 and 16 goals.



Laverton White and Lakers 6 have tied in Round 6 of the Division 6 competition.

Lakers were behind at the close of each quarter, making a comeback to just miss out on the win in the final moments of the game, outscoring Laverton six goals to four.

Laverton player Sophie Tauri was the lead scorer for the game with fifteen goals for her team.

Albanvale White have come out victorious after a close 23 to 20 match against Manor Lakes Storm 5

Manor Lakes player Cody Sylvester was the top scorer for the entire division with eighteen goals. Kelly Prentice led the charge for Albanvale with fifteen goals for her team.