Posted on Friday 5th August, 2022


What made you choose SEDA College?

I chose SEDA College because I believed, I would be able to study in an environment that would present opportunities which were closer aligned to my interests. I also felt it would provide me with real life skills like first aid, communication and how to develop a career plan in the sporting industry.

What do you enjoy most about SEDA College?

I enjoy how everyone is inclusive and willing to work hard to achieve their goals and allowing mistakes to be made along the way. We also learn things about time management, organisation, prioritising, and gaining skills that would be helpful for our futures.

What do you like most about the teaching model at SEDA College?

It allows the students to gain trust in their teacher and form routines while also being adaptable. Having only one teacher and one classroom is more beneficial for the students as we don’t have to figure out how to act between multiple teachers and different room environments.

What opportunities have you been able to participate in with your program partner (i.e AFL Victoria, Western Bulldogs etc…)

We are given the opportunity to participate and get involved with our sporting partners, through volunteering and networking with industry leaders who can offer advice in the industries where we wish to pursue a career.

What are some of the community opportunities you’ve been involved as part of your study at SEDA College?

Some of the opportunities we’ve been involved in include delivering AFL clinics at local schools. We also get to volunteer at Western Bulldogs home games, and we have the opportunity to umpire at AFL gala days and assist in running those events. In addition, we have guest speakers that have played for in AFL or have worked within the AFL industry. This connection to industry helps us to gain communication skills, learn how to act professionally, and how to become more employable with the skills we already have.


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