Posted on Tuesday 27th June, 2023


Laverton Magpies have pulled off a tight win over top three team Sunshine Heights in Round 10 of our Rookie Me Division 3 competition.

The Magpies, who currently sit at number six on the ladder, have run away with a 11.7.73 to 9.14.68 win over Sunshine Heights.

Laverton had the lead by just one-point at the close of the first quarter but were able to build on their margin at every turn as inaccurate kicking plagued Sunshine Heights in Round 10.

Jordan Viojo (Laverton) and Kyall Parker (Sunshine Heights) were the top scorers for their teams, Viojo with three and Parker with four, both landing themselves in their teams lists of bests.

However, it was Jacob Poa for Sunshine Heights and Nathan Gannon for Laverton who found themselves with the titles of best on ground for their teams after they both played outstanding games, with Poa also bagging a goal for his side.

Albanvale have remained steady in their position on the ladder, creeping up on the Suns every round after defeating Tarneit in a thrilling 15.18.108 to 6.6.42 victory.

Albanvale had the lead in the first quarter and were able to continuously build on that despite Tarneit putting up a hard fight. Unfortunately for Tarneit the Cobras were just too strong and dominated the game at every turn.

Nathan Johnson had a ripper of a game, bagging five majors for Albanvale, whilst opponent Jason Seduikis was the lead scorer for Tarneit with four of his teams six goals.

Reece Field was the standout performance on the field, earning Albanvales best on ground title after an unbelievable game for his side.

The Suns have had a dominant 33.15.213 to 0.5.5 win over North Sunshine that has sent their percentage up in a big way once again.

Dean Cachia had a standout performance for the Suns, scoring thirteen goals for his team in what was a thrilling game to watch. His teammate Patrick Hynes was the best on ground title holder by the end of Round 10 though after a huge game on field that stunned the crowd, he also secured two majors for the team.

The Suns will have their work cutout for them though going into Round 11 with a face off against Albanvale for the number one spot on the ladder.