Posted on Monday 19th April, 2021


The Victoria University WRFL Netball competition officially kicked-off on Friday night, with players, coaches and club officials excited to get back on the court.

The first game of the Division 1 season delivered an incredible finish, with Braybrook Whitten holding off a determined Spotswood Gold team, to win by one goal.

The score was even at the final break, but it was Braybrook goalers Helena Samardzija and Cassandra Lindsay who stayed composed in the dying stages, out-scoring Spotswood to record an impressive Round 1 victory. The final score was 26-25.

Braybrook defender Emma Vitalone played well, limiting the opportunities of the Spotswood goalers throughout the match.

Braybrook Hawkins also scored 12 goals to nine in the final quarter to record 37-33 victory over Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks in their Division 1 match.

Taylor Chamra was best on court for the Brookers, while Raina Kaini-Williams also played well for Point Cook Centrals.

Point Cook Centrals Sharks began their season in the best possible way, scoring an 11-goal win over rivals Point Cook Blue.

Olivia Mitchell was in great form, scoring 26 of Point Cook Centrals Sharks 42 goals.

Georgia Dyer and Kirby Smith led North Footscray She Devils 1 to an opening round victory.

Down by three goals at three-quarter-time, the Devils rallied in the final quarter, mounting an impressive comeback, scoring 11 goals to six to win by two goals.

Wyndhamvale had an impressive Round 1 victory over Albion in the Division 2 competition.

The Falcons, playing in their first netball game in the WRFL competition opened-up a four-goal lead at quarter time and continued to increase their lead at every break.

The final score was 45-26.

Manor Lakes stepped up when they needed to in their Division 2 match, holding off North Footscray She Devils 2, to score a two-goal win.

The Storm scored 12 goals to eight in the second half to win the match.

In other Division 2 matches, Point Cook Red defeated Spotswood Green 35-27 and Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks won 38-24 against Braybrook Priest.

Albanvale made their netball debut, going down to Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks by three goals in the Division 3 competition.

In what was an even contest, the Sharks proved too strong in the end, winning 20-17.

A big second half from Roi Naicovi and Alannah Coward secured Sunshine an important win. The talented duo shot 19 goals to the oppositions 13 goals in the second half to win the game. 14 of those 19 goals came in the final quarter.

In the final game of Division 3, Point Cook White defeated Braybrook Cowell 40-34.

Ashlee Dillon picked up from where she left off in 2019. The Best and Fairest winner was among the best on court in Glen Orden’s three goal win over the Falcons in Division 4.

Laverton Magpies White and Sunshine Heights also played their first ever WRFL Netball games.

A nine-goal opening quarter was the difference, with Laverton going on to win by three goals.

The Dragons tried their best to peg back the lead, but it was the accuracy of Laverton in the first half that secured them a special round 1 victory.

In the final Division 4 game, Braybrook John defeated Manor Lakes Lightning 31-16.

Ebony Kare shot nine goals in the third quarter to Manor Lakes’ one.

VU WRFL Round 1 Results

Division 1

Braybrook Whitten 26 def. Spotswood Gold 25

Braybrook Hawkins 37 def. Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks 33

Point Cook Centrals Sharks 42 def. Point Cook Blue 31

North Footscray She Devils 1 32 def. Manor Lakes Storm 1 30

Division 2

Wyndhamvale Falcons Green 45 def. Albion 26

Manor Lakes Storm 2 24 def. North Footscray She Devils 2 22

Point Cook Red 35 def. Spotswood Green 27

Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks 38 def. Braybrook Priest 24

Division 3

Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks 20 def. Albanvale 17

Sunshine Kangaroos 37 def. Glen Orden Westwood Hawks 25

Point Cook White 40 def. Braybrook Cowell 34

Division 4

Glen Orden First National Hawks 27 def. Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold 24

Laverton Magpies White 23 def. Sunshine Heights 20

Braybrook John 31 def. Manor Lakes Lightning 16


VU WRFL Round 2 Fixture – April 23

Division 1

6.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 1 v Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks

7.30pm – Point Cook Blue v Manor Lakes Storm 1

8.30pm – Braybrook Whitten v Point Cook Centrals Sharks

9.30pm – Braybrook Hawkins v Spotswood Gold

Division 2

6.30pm – Manor Lakes Storm 2 v Albion

7.30pm – Wyndhamvale Falcons Green v Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks

8.30pm – Braybrook Priest v Spotswood Green

9.30pm – Point Cook Red v North Footscray She Devils 2

Division 3

6.30pm – Braybrook Cowell v Albanvale

7.30pm – Sunshine Kangaroos v North Footscray She Devils 3

8.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks v Glen Orden Westwood Hawks

9.30pm – Laverton Magpies Black v Point Cook White

Division 4

6.30pm – Sunshine Heights v Glen Orden First National Hawks

7.30pm – Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold v Braybrook John

8.30pm – Manor Lakes Lightning v Laverton Magpies White