Posted on Wednesday 17th June, 2020


Today marks 25 years since Mr Football famously farewelled football in what was to be his last lap of the MCG.

Partially blind and his body weakened by his battle with Prostate Cancer, EJ ‘Teddy’ Whitten, found the strength to stir the crowd one final time on June 17, 1995.

That lap of honour has become one of the most memorable moments at the MCG, with footy fans across the country still reflecting on that inspiring moment.

“During the lap it was very emotional for everyone. Although Dad’s vision was failing, he could hear and sense the outpouring of emotion from the thousands of men, women and children gathered in the MCG,” Ted Whitten Junior said.

“That was Dad’s last public appearance. He succumbed to prostate cancer shortly after.

“It became a very historical event in AFL/VFL history being voted the most memorable moment in 150 years at the MCG. It also became a significant moment in men’s health as it inspired the formation of the E.J. Whitten Foundation later that year to carry on the legacy of Dad in promoting men’s health awareness.”

Watching his final lap 25 years on, we are reminded of his great legacy and the importance of Prostate Cancer Awareness and men’s health.

This day also coincides with Men’s Health Week.

Men’s Health Week aims to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourages communities to check in with men in your life.

The E.J. Whitten Foundation has raised more than $14 million for cancer research and treatment and continues to deliver awareness programs to people living in Melbourne’s west and across Australia.

There is no cure for prostate cancer, however there is early detection through a blood test and there are various treatment options.


  1. Go to the Doctor.
  2. Ask about a men’s health check-up including a PSA test.
  3. Do it annually and catch any health issues early. 

Click here for more information on the E.J Whitten Foundation.