Posted on Tuesday 11th May, 2021


North Footscray She Devils 1 scored an impressive three-goal win over Point Cook Blue in the Victoria University WRFL Netball Division 1 Competition.

North Footscray, who was down by two goals at three-quarter time, shot 11 goals in the final quarter to Point Cook’s six to score a memorable victory.

Kirby Smith and Bronwen Rees led the way for the Devils, while Beyonce Palavi was Point Cook Blue’s best.

Point Cook Centrals Sharks continued their winning streak to start the season, defeating Braybrook Hawkins by 15-goals.

Aleisha Tainui provided great defensive pressure in the goal ring, while Sarah Magowan was lively in attack.

Rounding out Division 1, Braybrook Whitten defeated Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks 48-31 and Spotswood Gold won 46-13 against Manor Lakes Storm 1.

Braybrook Priest overcame a one-goal deficit at half-time to defeat North Footscray She Devils 2 in Division 2.

A 16-goal to 10 second half propelled Braybrook to victory. Abbey Raven was the main target in the goal ring, shooting 14 of those goals.

Belinda Smyth’s efforts through the mid-court was the difference in Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks win over Point Cook Red.

Centrals won 32-28 and are currently sitting on top of the ladder after four rounds.

Other Division 2 winners included Wyndhamvale Falcons Green and Spotswood Green.

Albanvale have held off a spirited Laverton Magpies Black team to score a two goal win in Division 3. The win was their first of the season.

The Cobras, led by Keely Goggin and Nyaman Malual, led at half-time, but were outscored in the second half.

Laverton threw everything at Albanvale in the final quarter, but it wasn’t enough. Albanvale won 21-19.

In other results, Point Cook White 27 defeated Glen Orden West Wood Hawks 19 to continue their unbeaten start.

Ladder-leaders Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks also scored an 11-goal win over Sunshine Kangaroos. Kerri-Leah Katipa-Maikuku and Lisa McAuliffe played well.

Braybrook Cowell also defeated North Footscray She Devils 24-12.

In Division 4, Braybrook John defeated Laverton Magpies White 61-13, Glen Orden First National Hawks won 34-26 against Manor Lakes Lightning and Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold scored their second win of the season against Sunshine Heights 33-24.

Round 5 – May 14

Division 1

6.30pm – Braybrook Whitten v Point Cook Blue

7.30pm – Manor Lakes Storm 1 v Braybrook Hawkins

8.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Sharks v Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks

9.30pm – Spotswood Gold v North Footscray She Devils 1

Division 2

6.30pm – Wyndhamvale Falcons Green v Point Cook Red

7.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks v Spotswood Green

8.30pm – Manor Lakes Storm 2 v Braybrook Priest

Bye – North Footscray She Devils 2

Division 3

6.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks v Braybrook Cowell

7.30pm – Albion v Laverton Magpies Black

8.30pm – Albanvale v Sunshine Kangaroos

9.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 3 v Braybrook John

Bye – Point Cook White

Division 4

6.30pm – Manor Lakes Lightning v Glen Orden Westwood Hawks

7.30pm – Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold v Glen Orden First National Hawks

8.30pm – Sunshine Heights v Laverton Magpies White