Posted on Thursday 29th March, 2018


Coach.AFL has arrived, a new AFL Learning Management and Accreditation System which has hundreds of resources to assist you on your coaching journey, including dozens of Training Drills for all age groups.

Currently Accredited Coaches receive complimentary membership for the remaining years of their Accreditation.

New Coaches can register and complete an Online Course to be Accredited and have access to all the Resources.

It has been outstanding to see more than 150 Western Region Coaches complete additional Coaching Workshops in the past two months.

See below some feedback from a recent Coaching Workshop:

“Thanks for a great session Nish, really enjoyed it and found that I learnt a lot. I’ve completed the online training already, but found that the session helped to clarify the content in the online components. Looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice!”

For any questions contact your AFL Victoria Football Development Manager.

Good luck to all Coaches for the Season.