Posted on Monday 17th May, 2021


Braybrook Whitten scored a nine-goal win over Point Cook Blue in the Victoria University WRFL Netball Competition on Friday.

Helena Samardzija starred for the winners, shooting 31 out of their 39 goals.

Spotswood Gold won its second straight game, defeating North Footscray She Devils 1.

It was an impressive performance by Spotswood, who shot 10 or more goals in each quarter.

Hayley Cran and Naomi Parker played well, while Danielle Caton was among the best for North Footscray.

In the final game of Division 1, Point Cook Centrals Sharks defeated Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks 47-34.

In Division 2, Point Cook Red bounced back from their loss last week, defeating Wyndhamvale Falcons Green by 12 goals.

It was a four-quarter performance from the ladder-leaders, increasing their lead after every change. Tiffany Riordan and Jane Goodier were among the best players in the 37-25 victory.

Spotswood Green won it’s second straight game, handing Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks their first loss of the season.

The win was set-up in the first half, with Kelly Prentice shooting 12 goals. Georgia Brown was also excellent in the defensive circle.

The final score was 28-19.

In the final game of Division 2, Braybrook Priest defeated Manor Lakes Storm 2 30-21.

Albion won it’s first game of the season in Division 3.

The Cats were down at three quarter-time, but shot 10 goals in the final quarter to score their first win.

It was an impressive victory, with centre player Rachael Neville providing plenty of run and opportunities for her side in the mid-court throughout the game.

Albanvale scored a six-goal win over Sunshine Kangaroos.

Sunshine fought back gallantly in the final quarter, but couldn’t bridge the gap, losing 32-26.

Keely Goggin and Tamika Taylor played well for the Cobras.

Braybrook John’s undefeated status is intact after winning its fifth straight game.

Braybrook John came out firing from the first whistle, shooting eight goals to one. The defensive pressure and ability to cause turnovers was key for Braybrook.

The final score was 23-17.

Braybrook Cowell also won 37-24.

In Division 4, Sunshine Heights and Laverton Magpies White couldn’t be split. The two fought-out a 33-all draw – the first draw of the 2021 season.

After not scoring in the first quarter, Laverton fought-back to level the game in the final term.

Glen Orden Westwood Hawks won 38-23 and Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold defeated Glen Orden First National Hawks 37-16.

Victoria University WRFL Netball Round 6

Division 1

6.30pm – Point Cook Centrals Great White Sharks v Spotswood Gold

7.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 1 v Braybrook Whitten

8.30pm – Manor Lakes Storm 1 v Point Cook Centrals Sharks

9.30pm – Point Cook Blue v Braybrook Hawkins

Division 2

6.30pm – Point Cook Red v Manor Lakes Storm 2

7.30pm – North Footscray She Devils 2 v Point Cook Centrals Hammerhead Sharks

8.30pm – Spotswood Green v Wyndhamvale Falcons Green

Division 3

6.30pm – Point Cook White v Point Cook Centrals Tiger Sharks

7.30pm – Braybrook John v Albion

8.30pm – Sunshine Kangaroos v North Footscray She Devils 3

9.30pm – Braybrook Cowell v Albanvale

Division 4

6.30pm – Glen Orden First National Hawks v Glen Orden Westwood Hawks

7.30pm – Manor Lakes Lightning v Sunshine Heights

8.30pm – Wyndhamvale Falcons Gold v Laverton Magpies White