Posted on Wednesday 28th June, 2023



Lakers 1 have defeated Braybrook Whitten in a thrilling 34 to 30 victory.

The game was all tied up at three quarter time but it was the Lakers who proved more dominant in the final quarter, outscoring Braybrook ten to six.

Olivia Craske was the games lead goal scorer with 21 goals.

PCCSC Bull Sharks were triumphant against Manor Lakes Storm 1 in a 47 to 34 win.

Manor Lakes fought gallantly but the Sharks proved too strong and dominated at every quarter.

Usual suspect Rebecca Hicks was the top scorer of the game, paving the way with 35 goals.

Spotswood Gold took down Yarraville Seddon Eagles in a massive 42 to 21 victory.

Spotswood Gold were on top at every quarter, with player Kimberly Philipps leading the goal scorers for the game with 33 goals.


Lakers 2 have handed Manor Lakes Storm 2 a thumping 51 to 20 defeat.

Lakers outscored their opponents at every turn and held dominance throughout each quarter.

Lakers players Jamie Ritchie and Nadine Oborne scored the majority of their teams goals with 26 and 23 respectively.

PCCSC Tiger Sharks defeated Spotswood Green in a thrilling 27 to 19 win.

The first half of the game was close but the Tiger Sharks kept a steady lead, managing to build on it in the second half.

Jenna Goricanec and Emily Parson scored 14 and 13 goals apiece for PCCSC.

Braybrook Hawkins have secured a big 42 to 26 win over PCCSC Hammerhead Sharks.

Braybrook dominated for the whole game, with player Tiarnah Lloyd scoring a massive 31 goals for her team.

Albanvale Cobras defeated North Footscray Red in an epic 38 to 27 win.

North Footscray fought hard and remained in the game throughout, however Albanvale proved too strong in the end.

Vanessa Mokdissi was the lead goal scorer for the game with 27 goals for Albanvale.


PCCSC Great White Sharks have defeated Lakers 3 33 to 22.

The game was all tied up at three quarter time but it was the Sharks that proved strongest, outscoring Lakers eleven to zero in the final quarter to win the game.

Aimee James was the lead scorer for the game, scoring eighteen goals for PCCSC.

Laverton Magpies took the win against Manor Lakes Storm 3 in a thrilling 35 to 15 victory.

Laverton had a strong lead from the start that only grew with time. Danielle Pompay helped her team to victory with 29 goals.

Spotswood Black prevailed over Albion Cats White in a big 36 to 19 victory.

The scores were even at half time but it was Spotswood who proved hungriest for the win, outscoring Albion 22 goals to five in the second half to win.

Holly Flynn was the games lead scorer with 17 goals for Spotswood.

Braybrook Priest have taken down the Suns 38 to 14 in a thrilling Round 8 match.

The Suns fought gallantly but Braybrook proved too strong, remaining the dominant team at every quarter.

Cassandra Pell was the lead goal scorer for the game with 23 goals for Braybrook.


Lakers 4 have handed Albanvale Blue a 30 to 21 defeat.

The game remained close throughout but it was Lakers who were hungrier for the win, pulling off the win in the end.

Bronwyn Coffey was the lead scorer for the game with 21 goals for Lakers.

Manor Lakes Storm 4 have taken the win in a thrillingly close 19 to 14 game against Albion Cats Blue.

The game was close throughout with Manor Lakes in the lead at the end of each quarter, although Albion fought hard for the win, it wasn’t enough to take the lead in the final quarter.

Manor Lakes player Lisa Mcnell was the lead scorer of the game with ten goals for her team.

Glen Orden Blue were triumphant in a 39 to 27 win over Sunshine Kangaroos.

Sunshine fought hard but Glen Orden had the lead at every turn, dominating each quarter. Glen Orden player Zoe Piccolo was the top scorer with 26 goals.


Glen Orden Gold were triumphant against North Footscray White in a big 41 to 30 win.

Glen Orden were dominant for most of the game, but it was North Footscray player Alanna Bonney who was the games top scorer for the game with 22 goals.

Laverton Black have defeated Point Cook in an epic 29 to 15 win.

Laverton were the prevailing team at every quarter, with player Felicia-Anne Ferguson topping the scoreboard with fifteen goals for her team.

Glen Orden Brown have defeated Braybook John/Cowell in a thrilling 28 to 26 tight win.

Although Braybrook outscored Glen Orden eight goals to seven in the final quarter, it just wasn’t enough to get the win in the end.

Glen Orden’s Mikaella Nelson was the lead scorer of the game with 22 goals for her side.

PCCSC Nurse Sharks won the battle of Point Cook in an epic 28 to 27 victory against PCCSC Reef Sharks.

The Nurse Sharks were trailing at every turn and were down by three points at three quarter time, however they proved hungrier in the last quarter outscoring the Reef Sharks nine goals to five to take the win.

Alison McIntyre for the Nurse Sharks was the lead scorer for the game with 22 goals.


Albanvale White were triumphant over Laverton White in an epic 16 to 12 battle.

The game was close throughout but Albanvale looked strong, holding the lead at the close of each quarter.

Abijok Dhoul was the games lead scorer, bagging ten points for Albanvale.

PCCSC Mako Sharks took the win in an 18 to 15 victory over Manor Lakes Storm 5.

Manor Lakes Storm 5 fought hard but the Sharks proved too strong in the end, with their player Tracy Findlay leading the charge for goals in Division 6 with thirteen for her team.