Posted on Tuesday 27th June, 2023


Albion have held onto their second-place position on the ladder after defeating Newport in a Division 2 Round 10 clash over the weekend.

Albion took down Newport in a big 17.14.116 to 2.7.19 victory after dominating the game at every turn. This is a kind of football we have come to expect from the premiership hopefuls after a massive 2023 season thus far.

Albion had eight goal scorers for their side, with four of their players kicking at least three majors, an undeniably massive game for the team.

Nicholas Cocolaras was the main attraction though, playing an absolute ripper of a game on field and walking away with the best on ground title for Albion. Over at Newport it was Belal Abou-Eid who ran away with the best on ground title after a fantastic game for his side.

Braybrook still remain undefeated after being struck down by third-place holders Sunshine in an epic Round 10 battle.

Sunshine prevailed over their opponents in a massive 16.16.112 to 2.2.14 win after a huge performance in the second half that saw them outscore Braybrook thirteen goals to zero.

Braybrook were worthy opponents though, holding on in the first half and playing an excellent game of football to start.

There were ten goal scorers for Sunshine this round, with Charly Williams topping the list with four goals for his team. It was his teammate Patrick O’Keefe that had the best on ground performance though, playing an almost perfect game of footy.

Parkside have once again taken out their opponents to keep themselves at the top of the ladder. They took on North Footscray and won in an exciting 14.16.100 to 6.8.44 clash in Round 10.

North Footscray played some great footy in the second and third quarter but after very an unsuccessful start and finish to their game, Parkside managed to get on top with a massive lead that just couldn’t be undone.

Lachlan Langwell was the top scorer for Parkside with four majors, narrowly missing out on the best on ground title, with it going to teammate Hudson Barrett after an incredible performance on field for his team.

Over at North Footscray it was Samuel Kater who was named best on ground, playing a ripper of a game on the field and even bagging a major for his side.

North Footscray will face Albion this week and could have a chance at ending their current winning streak whilst Braybrook will battle it out with Newport in hopes of claiming their first victory.