Posted on Monday 29th April, 2019


Two teams remain undefeated in Victoria University WRFL Netball Division 1 after Round 2.

Point Cook Centrals 1 and Sunshine 1 both won their second matches on Friday night, defeating North Sunshine and Braybrook Priest respectively.

Point Cook Centrals 1 raced out to a strong lead, scoring 27 goals to North Sunshine’s nine to half-time.

Mid-court player Olivia Burrow was one of the best players for the Sharks. She fed the ball into the shooters extremely well.

It was a consistent effort across four quarters that secured victory for Sunshine 1. Defender Natalie Versher was among the best on court. Roi Naicovi was also outstanding. She played the first half in the Goal Keeper position before moving into Goal Shooter.

Last year’s inaugural netball champions Point Cook Blue scored their first win of 2019, defeating Spotswood Gold by 14 goals.

Jenna Goricanec scored 11 goals in the third quarter.

North Footscray are still searching for their first win of the season, having lost both of their first two games.

On Friday, Braybrook Whitten powered to a 45 to 24 victory over the Devils. It was also Braybrook Whitten’s first win of the season. They face Point Cook Blue in Round 3.

In other Round 2 results, Point Cook Red also defeated Point Cook Centrals 2 by six goals.

In Division 2, Spotswood Green scored a hard-fought win over Manor Lakes, who were playing their first game of the season after having the bye in Round 1.

The final score was 38 to 34.

Manor Lakes had more shots on goal in the final quarter, but couldn’t overcome Spotswood Green.

Braybrook Hawkins scored a 12-goal win over Sunshine 2. Glen Orden Gold defeated Albion 34-20 and finally Point Cook White won 38 to 19 over Glen Orden Brown.

Round 3 – Division 1

6.30pm – Point Cook Blue v Braybrook Whitten

6.30pm – Sunshine 1 v Point Cook Centrals 2

7.30pm – Spotswood Gold v Point Cook Centrals 1

8.30pm – North Footscray v Braybrook Priest

8.30pm – Point Cook Red v North Sunshine

Round 3 – Division 2

6.30pm – Manor Lakes v Glen Orden Brown

7.30pm – Point Cook White v Sunshine 2

7.30pm – Braybrook Hawkins v Glen Orden Gold

8.30pm – Spotswood Green v Albion