Posted on Friday 25th March, 2022


New St Albans coach Zammy Muhtari says he is counting down the days until Round 1.

The Saints will go head-to-head against Altona in Round 1 of the TIV Division 1 competition, a team they haven’t played since 2019.

“They (Altona) have been the benchmark for the past couple of years, so we are really looking to playing them and seeing if our pre-season stacks up against them,” Muhtari said.

“I am looking forward to getting back out there and having local footy back.

“It will be interesting to see what other clubs have done, they have all gone out and recruited and like other teams, we have done the same. Players are getting older and are moving on, so there is an unknown as to what will happen this season, but I think footy will be the winner.”

This will be Muhtari’s first season in the coach’s seat, having been an assistant coach previously.

He admits it has been challenging adjusting to the new role, but was excited to see what lied ahead.

Muhtari said this year’s pre-season was about the boys falling in love with the game again after two years of interrupted football due to lockdown.

“Pre-season has been about having fun again and enjoying being around each other,” he said.

Round 1 kicks-off on April 2.