Posted on Friday 18th March, 2022


Newport have added some exciting new talent to their list in 2022, with a list of exciting recruits ready to ignite the club this season.

Omar Abou-Zeid, Abdul Jawad, Sohrob Ismail and Nayef Hamad have all signed on.

“We have been very lucky to bring in some quality individuals from Division 1 clubs with plenty of experience and success,” coach Ziggy Kadour said.

“It is evident already how positive their impact has been. Just the training standards and their work ethic; the expectation and standard around the whole team have gone up and in turn, we hope all this translates to more success on-field. But we also understand talent is just that if you don’t work hard.”

Kadour said the team’s focus this pre-season has been about transition, in particular working on their ability to defend as well as attack as well as improving their fitness.

He said we should expect to see continued improvement in the senior side this year.

“We have closed the gap against the better teams and hopefully we can continue to close the gap and pinch a couple of wins,” Kadour said.

“With our second season of under 18’s, hopefully a couple of under 18’s boys can also play some senior footy.”

Newport will take on North Footscray in Round 1 of the Division 2 competition on April 2.