Posted on Thursday 31st March, 2022


Deer Park will be aiming to win it’s eighth straight Division 1 premiership this season, a feat never been seen before in metropolitan footy.

Led by coach Mark McGoldrick the Lions have added some serious talent to their group ahead of the 2022 TIV Division 1 season.

None bigger than former Collingwood and North Melbourne player Levi Greenwood, who looks set to make an immediate impact on the competition. He is also joined by former AFL player Aaron Edwards.

Barry Priest medallist Kwame McHarg will also return to John McLeod Reserve in 2022 after a brief stint with Port Melbourne Colts in the SFNL.

“We were a very young side last year, we went and recruited players like Levi and Aaron, who have that experience,” coach Mark McGoldrick said.

“Those two have been taking training doing the game style, they have had a great attitude towards it. They are both great people.”

Deer Park’s first game of the season will be against Caroline Springs at Taylors Run Oval.

In the same game last season, the Lakers surprise the Lions, winning by 34-points.

“They will be looking to maintain the rage when we play and we will be looking to reverse that previous result,” McGoldrick said.

“I went and watched their practice game on the weekend and they look to have improved again, they look to be an 8-10 goal better team this season from what I could see, so we would have to be at our very best to beat them.”