Posted on Thursday 1st July, 2021


The Western Region Football League SEDA Junior Interleague teams made a great start to the 2021 AFL Victoria Metro Junior Development Series on Wednesday.

See below all the results from the first round.

The second and final round will be played next Wednesday. Click here to view the fixture.

AFL Victoria Metro Junior Development Series

Under 14 Division 1

WRFL 11.17. (83) def. RDFNL 4.3. (27)

Goal Kickers: F. Davis 2, R. Haddara 2, D. Steedman, S. Chaudhary, W. Armstrong, K. Williams, O. Burt, X. Arapakis, T. Burton

Best Players: I. Gawne, E. Willingham, X. Giovanniello, R. Haddara, T. Burton, F. Davis

Under 14 Division 2

WRFL 17.11 (113) def. RDFNL 3.3. (21)

Goal Kickers: M. Buck 4, M. Houli 3, S. Colebatch 3, J. Errahman 3, A. O”Donnell 2, H. Waters, T. Abouzeid

Best Players: J. Errahman, M. Houli, S. Colebatch, M. Buck, T. Cunningham, N. Mora-McDonald

Under 15 Division 1

WRFL 13.7. (85) def. RDFNL 8.7. (55)

Goal Kickers: J. Kingston 3, B. Gallop 2, J. Daley 2, L. Taylor, D. Gilham, T. Assafiri, S. Elford, H. Speldewinde, J. Gerardi

Best Players: D. Gilham, B. Gallop, J. Daley, S. Elford, H. Speldewinde, X. Kardachi

Under 15 Division 2

WRFL 12.9. (81) def. RDFNL 4.6. (30)

Goal Kickers: J. Stelluto 3, J. Ryan 2, O. Miller 2, H. O”Brien, K. Sexton, K. Harris, R. Bennett, L. Leonard

Best Players: R. Bennett, J. Di Paola, Z. Burston, D. Bezzina, L. Worsley, C. Banks

Under 15 Girls

AFLSE 7.16. (58) def. WRFL 0.3. (3)

Best Players: L. Field, L. Hudson, S. Grieves, E. McMahon, M. Cain, J. Hurring


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