Posted on Thursday 22nd November, 2018


Over the next two days draft hopefuls will be hoping their names get called out at the NAB AFL Draft.

For the first time the Draft will be held across two days. Tonight we will see the first round selected and from midday tomorrow the rest of the Draft selections will be made.

Follow all the coverage from the NAB AFL Draft below:

Friday, Round 2 on-wards

Welcome to Day 2 of the NAB AFL Draft.

The WRFL still has three Draft hopefuls in contention today, Buku Khamis from St Albans, Daly Andrews from Werribee Districts and Lachlan Sholl from St Bernard’s.

Fingers crossed we hear their names read out this afternoon.

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Pick 23 – Gold Coast: Jez McLennan from Central Districts.

Pick 24 – GWS: Ian Hill from Perth.

Pick 25 – Sydney: James Rowbottom from the Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 26 – Western Bulldogs: Rhylee West from the Calder Cannons.

Pick 27 – Melbourne: Thomas Sparrow from South Adelaide.

Pick 28 – West Coast: Xavier O’Neill from Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 29 – Collingwood: Will Kelly from the Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 30 – Adelaide: William Hammill from the Dandenong Stingrays.

Pick 31 – West Coast: Luke Foley from Subiaco.

Pick 32 – Fremantle: Luke Valente from Norwood.

Pick 33 – Melbourne: James Jordan from the Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 34 – GWS: Kieren Briggs from Pennett Hills.

Pick 35 – West Coast: Bailey Williams from the Dandenong Stingrays.

Pick 36 – Brisbane: Thomas Berry from GWV Rebels.

Pick 37 – Western Bulldogs: Laitham Vabdermeer from the Murray Bushrangers.

Pick 38 – Essendon: IrvingΒ Mosquito from Hawthorn NGA.

Pick 39 – West Coast: Jarrod Cameron from Swan Districts.

Pick 40 – Brisbane: Thomas Joyce from East Fremantle.

Pick 41 – St Kilda: Jack Bytel from the Calder Cannons.

Pick 42 – Brisbane: Connor McFadyen from Wilson Range.

Pick 43 – Richmond: Jack Ross from Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 44 – Sydney: Justin McNerney from the Northern Knights.

Pick 45 – Western Bulldogs: Ben Cavarra from Williamstown VFL.

Pick 46 – North Melbourne: Curtis Taylor from the Calder Cannons.

Pick 47 – St Kilda: Matthew Parker from South Fremantle.

Pick 48 – Geelong: Ben Jarvis from Norwood.

Pick 49 – North Melbourne: Bailey Scott from the GC Suns Academy.

Pick 50 – Geelong: Jacob Kennerley from Norwood.

Pick 51 – Sydney: Zak Foot from the Dandenong Stingrays.

Pick 52 – Hawthorn: Jacob Koschitzke from the Murray Bushrangers.

Pick 53 – Melbourne: Aaron Nietschke from Central District.

Pick 54 – St Kilda: Nicholas Hind from Essendon VFL.

Pick 55 – Brisbane: Noah Answerth from the Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 56 – Melbourne: Marty Hore from Collingwood VFL.

Pick 57 – Fremantle: Lachlan Schultz from Williamstown VFL.

Pick 58 – Richmond: Fraser Turner from Clarence.

Pick 59 – Fremantle: Brett Bewley from Williamstown VFL.

Pick 60 – Essendon: Noah Gown from Gippsland Power.

Pick 61 – GWS: Connor Idun from the Geelong Falcons.

Pick 62 – Richmond: Luke English from Perth.

Pick 63 – Hawthorn: Matthew Walker from the GWS Academy.

Pick 64 – Adelaide:Β  Lachlan Sholl from the Calder Cannons.

Pick 65 – Geelong: Darcy Fort from Central District.

Pick 66 – Carlton: Finbar O’Dwyer from Yarrawonga Football Netball Club.

Pick 67 – St Kilda: Robert Young from North Adelaide.

Pick 68 – Geelong: Jake Tarca from South Adelaide.

Pick 69 – North Melbourne: Joel Crocker from the Sandringham Dragons.

Pick 70 – Carlton: Ben Silvagni from the Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 71 – Gold Coast: Caleb Graham from the Gold Coast Academy.

Pick 72 – Essendon: Brayden Ham from the Geelong Falcons.

Pick 73 – Port Adelaide: Riley Grundy from Sturt.

Pick 74 – Geelong: Oscar Brownless from the Geelong Falcons.

Pick 75 – Melbourne: Toby Bedford from the Dandenong Stingrays.

Pick 76 – Port Adelaide: Boyd Woodcock from North Adelaide.

Pick 77 – Collingwood: Atu Bosenavulagi from the Oakleigh Chargers.

Pick 78 – Western Bulldogs: William Hayes from Footscray VFL.

Thursday – Round 1 Selection

No. 22 – With the Pick 22, the final pick of Round 1, GWS pick Xavier O’Halloran from the Western Jets.Β 

No. 21 – With Pick 21, Brisbane select Ely Smith from the Murray Bushrangers.Β 

No. 20 – With Pick 20, Richmond pick Riley Collier Dawkins from the Oakleigh Chargers.Β Β 

No. 19 – With Pick 19, Carlton pick Liam Stocker from the Sandringham Dragons.Β 

No. 18 – With Pick 18, Port Adelaide select Xavier Duursma from Gippsland Power.Β 

No. 17 – With Pick 17, Fremantle select Sam Sturt from the Dandenong Stingrays.Β 

No. 16 – With Pick 16, Adelaide select Edward McHenry from the Geelong Falcons.Β 

No. 15 – With Pick 15, Geelong pick Jordan Clark from Claremont.

No. 14 – With Pick 14, GWS pick Jackson Hately from Central District.Β 

No. 13 – With Pick 13, Collingwood select Isaac Quaynor from the Oakleigh Chargers.Β 

No. 12 – With Pick 12, Port Adelaide pick Zak Butters from the Western Jets.Β 

No. 11 – With Pick 11, GWS select Jye Caldwell from the Bendigo Pioneers.Β 

No. 10 – With Pick 10, Sydney have selected Nick Blakey from UNSW.Β 

No. 9 – With Pick 9, Adelaide have picked Chayce Jones from Launceston.

No. 8 – With Pick 8, North Melbourne have picked Tarryn Thomas from North Launceston.

No. 7 – With Pick 7, the Western Bulldogs select Bailey Smith from the Sandringham Dragons. Welcome to the west Bailey!

No. 6. – With Pick 6, Gold Coast select Ben King from the Sandringham Dragons.Β 

No. 5. – With Pick 5, Port Adelaide picked Connor Rozee from North Adelaide.

No. 4 – With Pick 4, St.Kilda selects Max King from the Sandringham Dragons.

No. 3 – With Pick 3, the Gold Coast Suns have picked Izak Rankine from West Adelaide.

No. 2 – With Pick 2, the Gold Coast Suns have picked Jack Lukosius from WWT Eagles.

No. 1 – With the Number 1 pick in the 2018 NAB AFL Draft, Carlton selects Sam Walsh from the Geelong Falcons.


We are almost underway here at Marvel Stadium, the 2019 NAB AFL Draft is just minutes away.

The WRFL has four draft hopefuls this year,Β St Albans young gun Buku Khamis, Werribee Districts star Daly Andrews and St Bernards duo Xavier O’Halloran and Lachlan Sholl are all in contention to get their names called out.

The Draft, which, begins at 7pm, will see clubs in the first round (below), select the best young players from across Australia.

Round 1

  1. Carlton
  2. Gold Coast
  3. Gold Coast
  4. St Kilda
  5. Port Adelaide
  6. Gold Coast
  7. Western Bulldogs
  8. Adelaide
  9. Greater Western Sydney
  10. Port Adelaide
  11. Greater Western Sydney
  12. Geelong
  13. Adelaide
  14. Fremantle
  15. Port Adelaide
  16. Adelaide
  17. Richmond
  18. Brisbane
  19. Greater Western Sydney
  20. West Coast

Before the Draft begins, read Media Manager Kristen Alebakis’ profile on each of the four WRFL hopefuls here.